Thursday, February 28, 2013


Looking back over the month of February this year doesn't have any major happenings,there is good news and bad news as in any month. The weather has been mostly wet but the temperatures have stayed high enough so that all was rain except a couple light dustings of snow and one pretty bad ice storm. No school days have been missed due to weather only a couple delays.

Other parts of the country can't say the same thing as there have been several huge snowstorms come across and swing north of us during this month.
On Ground Hog day all the locals did see their shadows so their prediction was 6 more weeks of winter.
A surprising thing that happened this month was a visit from a man from the NCDOT to make an offer on some of our property for the new bridge and road that they are starting in late spring. The road is going away from us so we didn't expect them to need anything on our side of the road. Turns out the utility company needed a little over 1/4 acre from us ,quite a bit from #2 son and even a small piece from #1 son. Their offers were generous thankfully as there wasn't really any recourse but to sell.
I made it to several of daughter's JV girls basketball games and one varsity game during this month. It was great to see her coaching and the girls doing such a good job.

I spent many hours of what I call "tax" month working on rearranging my office and changed desk to one a friend had given me several years ago that was stored in the barn. I also managed to get daughter's and our taxes done,since #2 son is having to pay ,although I have all the figures ready to go I will wait to file his until later.

Valentines day comes and goes around here just as any other day except for my decorations which I enjoy both at home and at market.

Hubbie and I received a very nice gift from one of my blogger friends, 2 free tickets to the Biltmore House which we used on a very nice Friday near the end of the month and had a wonderful time exploring the winter gardens there.

On a sad note a life long neighbor passed away this month, Lavinia was 90 years old and had been in failing health for several years,God bless her family.
With all the rain and above normal temperatures on several days the daffodils are blooming and my plum trees are already budded out for a heavy harvest.

Other trees and flowers aren't as far along this year as they were last year thankfully.
All in all this has been a typical February dreary winter month. There haven't been too many days that it was nice to be outside doing anything but I am grateful for all the moisture that has actually put us on the more moisture than needed side of the drought monitor.
#1 son has put in many hours of overtime working to keep the roads clear of ice and snow and blown down trees this month with his work at the DOT.
Everyone else had a pretty routine month with no big events good or bad happening in our family.
As this month ends with cold temps and snow showers around, March is set to come in like a lion,a cold snowy lion, may that say that it will go out like a lamb.
Looking forward to the blessings and challenges God will put in our lives in the month of March.
Good bye February ,welcome March  2013 !

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linda m said...

Our February here in S.E. wisconsin ended up with us having the fourth largest amount of precipitation (snow and rain) in our State's history. This is a good thing as this helps WI get out of it's drought status. I for one am glad to see February go as I have been pretty much house bound all month due to the snow. really looking forward to Spring. Have a great weekend and God bless you.