Tuesday, February 5, 2013


It was 29 degrees when g-son and I headed out to school today. The sun had risen and was shining brightly as we drove.
Back home I had a routine laundry and housework Tuesday morning.
About 11:30 the DOT man came back to see us with their offer for the property they want. Hubbie came by on his lunch hour and we were pleased with the offer. Although we didn't sign any papers yet as we want to wait until he can meet with both sons to give them offers so we all can sign together.
Because #1 son also works with the DOT there has to be extra paperwork done before they can even get together and talk with one another. They want to make sure no one thinks prejudice is shown for their employees.
After lunch I continued my cleaning. I should have gotten outside for some much needed vitamin D but didn't finish in time before it was time to pick up g-son.
Daughter is coaching in her last home JV game of the season today so g-son and I headed over to the high school to watch after a short snack time at home.
Daughter never sits down when the game is going on.
She gives instructions to eagerly awaiting players.
After halftime they are getting ready to take the court again.
They lost this game by about 5 points but played very well for the amount of fouls that were called.
G-son found a friend that goes to his school so he was happy to bleacher hop with her.
The "snow cone man" was late so the promised jellyfish snowcone didn't happen so we made a trip to Mr. Pete's store on the way home for an orange push-up and Dr. Pepper fountain drink.
He was happy !!!
After evening chores hubbie and I headed up to #2 son's house to help him install a new thermostat on his heat pump.  Got it on there but the heat pump will still only work on emergency heat. We have no idea what else could be wrong.
As we came home I looked up in the clear sky and saw the big dipper and the little dipper plainly.
If it wasn't so cold tonight I would have loved to sit outside and star gazed for a while.
The temperature today reached 57 degrees but it is already 36 at 10:00 so it is going to be a cold night.
When we got home we watched the second half of the UNC/WakeForest b-ball game which UNC easily won.
Hubbie went to bed early and I am shortly going to follow as I am tired tonight.
Grateful to God for the many blessings of this day and for my family.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Beautiful day around here today, Marilyn. We drove down to Tullahoma to visit G's Dad... The temp got up to about 60 degrees down there. That sunshine feels so good...

Your daughter has gotten so involved with teens --and that is AWESOME.. Kids today need good role models...


linda m said...

Tuesday was another snowy day. Today is sunny but very cold (teens) but thankfully no snow. Blessings

linda eller said...

You and I have something in common. Your daughter coaches bball and my oldest granddaughter plays for her high school team. We have been to every one of her games ever since she started playing in 6th grade. Last night was her last game of the season too, and all that is left is the tournament. She also plays travel bball with the Tennessee Extreme, and they will go all over the country this summer. My old computer died on me, and I got this new laptop yesterday and have to learn where everything is...don't like the finger pad, have to get a mouse today!