Thursday, February 21, 2013


After getting g-son to school and doing all the morning chores I was just about to head out the door to run errands in town when the phone repairman called coming my way.
After he checked out the box on the outside and declared a dead short somewhere on the line he left to check the main box out the road. After quite awhile he called to tell me he couldn't fix my problem because he needed a bucket truck to reach the problem line where he had narrowed the short down to. He was calling back into report his findings and have a truck come this way.
I went on into town and got my weekly errands done and got back home before they showed up.
This guy acted as if he didn't know anything about what the guy earlier had found so he checked the box outside the house. This time he said it showed a dead short inside the house. He came in and checked all my phones and computer modem and found no short. When we got back outside the guy that was with him had checked the line between the house and main box and found no problem.
The only answer they came up with was that a receiver must have been dislodged on one of my phones. I know that wasn't the case and reminded them that it wasn't me who made the call for a bucket truck because a line was bad. Now suddenly all my phones and internet are working perfectly.
I have no idea what will come of this but I do know that if the problem is inside your home there is a $85 service fee. After this fiasco with the two different repairmen I don't know how my phones just miraculously started working again but if  AT&T decides to charge me that fee hubbie and I have talked tonight and it will be the last money they get from us as we will cancel our phone and internet service with them.
It was a warm afternoon so I decided to do some work in my sewing shop. I cut out 11 large bonnets,9 medium bonnets, 3 baby bonnets and 6 full aprons before my back started hurting.
Enough to keep me busy on the upcoming cold rainy ,icy, snowy days.
Speaking of which we are expecting another winter blast overnight and into tomorrow according to our weather forecasters.
Makes me wonder what the morning will be like !!  It is still 43 degrees at 10:30 tonight so it has a ways to go to get icy or snowy.
I am feeling much better with my cold today,still have to carry a kleenex  with me but no watery eyes of sinus pain. I will probably take another dose of Nyquil tonight just to insure a good nights sleep.
Thankful to God for the hidden blessings in each day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Hi Marilyn, Hope AT&T doesn't charge you... Sounds weird, doesn't it????? Glad it is working now though.

We have rain tonight... I'm lucky we didn't get the ice that Arkansas got...


linda m said...

Boy, does that ever sound like AT&T. We have them for our phone service and I am so disgusted with them. They keep raising my rates about every other month - and we hardly ever use the phone. I am just about ready to drop them all together and just use Tracphone or something like that. I am snowed in right now. Waiting for either my hubby to snow blow the drive or a plow - which ever comes first. Have a great weekend.

linda eller said...

We have run the gamet from A T & T to Bell South, and now have a Magic Jack phone that works thru my computer and is free long distance, voice mail, caller ID and the cost of $19.95 a year is lovely. My computer and tv are thru our electric company. It is so aggravating to lose any of our services. We had rain last night, but sun coming back for today and tomorrow. Feb. and March weather is crazy for us. Hope your weekend is a good one.