Thursday, February 28, 2013


Hurried through my routine morning schedule today so I could get an early start into to town to do my weekly shopping and errands. The weather is saying maybe snow flurries by 10am.It sure feels cold enough for snow today in the mid 30's with a brisk breeze.
I was surprised at how empty the streets and stores were at this time of day, maybe I should do this more often. I finished everything in record time, grabbed a free cup of coffee at the bank and headed home.
Got everything put away and ate part of a rotisserie chicken I picked up at Ingles because I was so hungry and they smelled sooooo good !!!
I've only seen a few stray snow flakes blowing around this morning and now the sun is shining so guess we can call the snow off for the day.
The next 48 hours look iffy for some snow for us ???
I spent the afternoon buried in tax figures and got our taxes done for the year,yea !!!
I panicked when it was time to print the returns and right in the middle of it my printer ran out of black ink , trying everything I could without loosing where I was on the tax site I tried to change to the colored ink to no avail. Finally the crazy thing just started printing and finished the job,thankfully and in black ink !!!
Just as hubbie got home from work I was finishing up so we did a happy dance about our refund and then headed outside to do the chores in a really cold evening.
I found some water inside my garden shed this morning so we checked the roof to see if we could find a leak. Hubbie raked all the leaves off and we saw no limbs that might have punched a hole or any sign of a hole so next time it rains I need to check to see where the water maybe coming in.
After supper we watched a UNC/Clemson basketball game which UNC won.
Daughter came by tonight to pick up her dog Tipper who has spent the last 4 days with us  while she was in  Greensboro. Tipper loves her stays over here with all our dogs to play with but as I watched her and daughter getting ready to leave tonight it was obvious she was ready to go home.
On this last day of February 2013 I am thankful for all this months blessings and look forward to what God has in store for my family in the next month. A look back will be in a separate post.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Glad you got your taxes done.. We got our refund a week or so ago... Yeah Rah!!!!!

We woke up to some snow this morning--only a light dusting. It stayed COLD all day---and we may get more snow tonight --and again tomorrow and Saturday. Who knows????? I do know that winter is not quite ready to leave us!!!!


Gail said...

We have had nice rain. Hope it goes through the summer with us.