Monday, February 25, 2013


Woke to another dreary morning as g-son was getting his breakfast and getting ready for school I did morning chores while hubbie took him to school.
After breakfast I buried myself in taxes while hubbie worked outside pruning our fruit trees.
I finished daughter's taxes  and started on son's but need to get more info to finish his.
My brain is boggled with enough figures by lunchtime anyway.
After lunch I drove out to Verizon to check into getting an I-phone. After conversing with a very nice and informative young man I decided to think about it and crunch some numbers first.
Another problem is I have always wore my cell phone on my pants waistband because I don't carry a purse all the time and the I-phone is pretty large to wear like this.   When the young man saw my hesitation he asked me why I wanted an I-phone and when I really didn't have a good answer I started to question this even more. Decisions, decisions !!!
After picking up g-son we came home and he ate everything that wasn't nailed down this afternoon. He forgot his lunch box at school so I don't know if he ate his lunch or not although he said he did.
Maybe another growing spurt is happening !
Talked to daughter tonight after her team's play-off game at North Lincoln and they won so they live to play another game on Wednesday night. At least this one will be closer to home as they play Mt. Heritage in Yancey County.
Tonight I ran across a blog of a young couple that I am so proud of. The young man in this photo with the crown on his head,Travis being escorted by daughter and then escorting daughter on homecoming night, who was always one of daughter's and #2 son's good friends

and his wife, who also was one of daughter's friends and volleyball team mates ( Lauren is third from right standing) have taken a step that so many would not even think about.
This couple has chosen to follow God's calling, giving up their safe and secure jobs with the public school system and electing to become career missionaries.  After months and months of training in various locations with the last one being last fall in Vancouver where they celebrated Christmas.
They have finally arrived at their long awaited destination in Africa just a couple weeks ago after beginning this adventure several years ago. They have a heart for the African people.
Here they are in their new home.
This is Lauren waiting for 5 minutes of electricity to chop some onions and garlic.
This is the church they now attend.
And this is Africa's answer to breakfast on the go !!
This young couple needs lots of prayer as they adjust to their new very different lifestyle for at least the next 3 years.  I know they will miss family and friends here and life will be very hard for them. I pray that they meet and exceed each milestone they encounter and I know that God is with them as they are spreading His love among the African people.
They have a blog called Keeping Up With the Joneses  on blogger if you care to check in on them on their journey.
As I watched the evening news they surprised us with another winter weather advisory for possible icy roads overnight.
If they continue to call for this sooner or later they are going to be right !!
Another night of going to bed wondering what the weather will bring in the morning !
Thankful tonight for God's blessings of the day and praying for Travis and Lauren as they adjust to a new way of life on God's missionary fields.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

I am so happy this couple made it to Africa. May God bless them. More Winter storms heading our way again - they claim 3-6 inches of wet snow. I am so ready for Spring.

linda eller said...

I have a heart for missionaries, and tried to pull up their site, but it wouldn't go...any other way to find them?! Hope your weather stays just cold without ice and snow.