Saturday, February 23, 2013


Another dreary,foggy,rainy morning.
Market was surprisingly better than I would have thought for this kind of day. I had to laugh when an "out of towner" came through and asked if the sun ever shines around here?
As I catch up on my blog reading between customers and chat with neighbors to make the time pass I said a silent prayer for all the rain that puts much needed moisture in the ground even if we all complain about it !
Hubbie left early to make a stop at Sam's Club on his way home.
After market I made stops at Ace Hardware for some "on sale" birdseed and suet cakes they had and to Harris Teeter to pick up a few groceries. I also went by the library to pick up tax forms but they don't have them any more and said they didn't think anyone carried free forms anymore with the internet access to print your own.  Just made me think about the folks who don't have computers. It is scary to realize how much we do depend on the technology of today and what if it suddenly disappeared ??
My generation is old or young enough to still remember how to do things the old paper way but what about the younger generations??  What will they do if suddenly there is no internet ???
When the internet first came to be I resisted buying a computer until my daughter was a junior in high school and by that time she couldn't do some of her school work without one.
I made the comment then, I thought that was way too much knowledge to put at everyone's fingertips.
I still believe it will play a large part in the ruination of humanity,when? , only God knows the answer to that question.
Well because this has been a boring evening and I tend to think blog post are boring without photo's here is the next weeks weather.
God is always gracious and good and He blesses me each day with undeserved blessings that I do my best to glorify Him for.
Good Night and God Bless


linda eller said...

I agree with you...what would happen to the younger generation without the internet? People have forgotten the library, or we used to get forms at the post office. I think we can still go to the local office of the IRS or SSA and get them, but the younger folks wouldn't know that. lol Thank goodness they still have some of us oldies but goodies to help. (Your blogs are never boring!)

linda m said...

I agree with you about thanking God for the run - except in my case it is snow. Our soil is so parched and really needs the moisture. So as much as I complain, Thank you god for the moisture. Blessings

Betsy Adams said...

Yes---we certainly are dependent on the internet these days... I guess people who don't have internet access really do struggle these days trying to get what they need. Too bad those forms aren't available anywhere. They used to be at the Post Office.

Nothing is easily available anymore. Used to, you could look up a phone number (of someone who calls your number and you don't recognize it) --and now it costs money to see that info...Gads!!!!

Glad you had a good Market Day. Hope you have a blessed Sunday.