Tuesday, February 19, 2013


When d-in-love brought g-son in this morning he didn't want anything to eat,all he wanted to do was wrap up in a blanket and watch TV.
He still has a low grade fever when he finally woke up and let me take it around 8am it was 99.4.
He ate some waffles for breakfast and then got up and played for the morning. He followed me up and down the stairs as I did laundry and housework.
He looked and acted like he was totally over his sickness.

At lunch he didn't want to eat yet so I ate then went to work to finish re-arranging my office. I finally finished and even got to work on a photo project for awhile this afternoon.
G-son asked for mac and cheese but by the time I got it fixed for him his fever came back. He didn't eat and when I took his temp about 1:30 it was 100 . He said he felt really bad again,bless his heart !
I told him a nap might  help, so after making a call to mom to update her on him and giving him a dose of tylenol I turned the TV and lights off in the living room and wrapped him up in blankets with some favorite stuffed animal friends. He slept for over an hour and woke up thrashing out from under all his covers saying how hot he was. His fever had broken again and he immediately felt lots better.
He ate waffles and then had some cheese sticks dipped in ranch dressing.
Who knows what is going on with him ??  D-in-love called the Dr. and they said if he still runs the fever through the night to bring him in tomorrow to check for an infection somewhere.
After chores this evening I poured out 1/10th inch of rain from a hard shower early this morning.
Aaron the renter brought snowball a roll of hay just as we finished chores this evening,she'll be happy for a while.
Daughter's basketball team played their last conference game tonight at Tuscola HS in Haywood county. They played the #1 team in their conference,Pisgah and lost pretty badly.
They made the state play-offs so they do live to play at least one more game !
Basketball in February isn't new for daughter who played the game since she was 9 years old.
In her senior year of high school she was one of the best players around and still holds some records at the high school she now coaches at.
In February 2003 she received the honor of "player of the week" from the local newspaper.
She also reach a high school career mile stone of 1000 points during this month. When the 1000th point went through the hoop the game was stopped and she was presented with the game ball.

Posing with the proud parents after the game !

She loved her team mates,they were all very good friends.

I also traded cars that month and bought this 1999 Izusu Trooper which was a very good vehicle that we kept for several years.

As I sit and type this I can hear the wind howling outside tonight and the temperature is 38 at 10:00 headed they say for around 20 again tonight.
Thankful tonight for the blessings of the day and praying for g-son to shake off whatever he has.
A big thank you to all who donated to daughter's BB/BS fundraiser .
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

That is so neat that your daughter gives of her time to coach girls' basketball. My middle son coaches girls' softball and loves it.

Poor little grandson. Hope he feels better soon. Sounds like an infection somewhere since the fever keeps coming back.

We've had high winds also... COLD here tonight also.


linda eller said...

Sure hope your little guy gets better and stays better, but it does sound like some type infection. I know your daughter is proud of her team, and looking at her own stats, she was not only a good player, but now a good coach. I have a granddaughter in the 9th grade that is a super star too, and so far she has scored 649 and is hoping to reach that 1,000 mark by her senior year. She played varsity in the 8th grade. It is fun to watch isn't it? Stay warm in this crazy weather.