Thursday, February 7, 2013


When I opened the door for g-son this morning it looked like the entire horizon was on fire. This was the sun trying to beat the clouds into the sky today. Unfortunately the clouds won and about an hour later when we drove to school there was no sign of the blazing sunrise,only clouds filled the sky.
After a routine morning of chores I headed to town to run the weekly errands hopefully before the rain starts.
The weathermen said yesterday the rain would hold off until late afternoon but it doesn't look like it will wait that long as I drove to town.
I got all my errands done in record time and met the egg customers who drives into town about every other Thursday to buy eggs from me because she says they are the best she has ever tasted.
I decided to do a little thrift store shopping since I had extra time before lunch. I didn't find much,a lamp shade for the living room when I change the curtains at the first of the month, a valentine shirt to wear to market Saturday plus a couple more shirts that were on special, some pre-cut quilt squares,a patriotic pillow for July decorating,and a quilted cover to replace a worn one that I use on my couch seat.
I was really looking for a small corner shelf to replace the larger one in the living room but had no luck finding that.
A cold rain started to fall and that dampened my shopping urge so I came home for lunch.
I worked in my office for the afternoon,getting the old desk ready to move. Now if only the rain will stop so we can move it around the house to the basement I can get started putting the new one together.
It has rained all evening and I poured out 3/10ths inch from the gauge at chore time and the high temperature was 43,making for a raw day out there. The hardest rain we've had started after dark tonight but all is quiet now at almost 10:00. The next week looks like we will have near normal temps with more moisture. Each time I see all these rainy days I think what we would have if the temperatures were a little colder !!!
Our area is already more than 4" of rain above normal for this year. This is the first time in recent memory that rainfall amounts have been above normal.
I love God and God loves me, God bless my family and God bless me !
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy Adams said...

No rain here --but cloudy today. We may get some rain tomorrow...

We are heading to Arkansas on Sunday---and they say we'll be driving in the RAIN.... Yuk.... BUT--hopefully the rest of the week there will be good.