Friday, February 1, 2013


Another early morning call really surprised me when it was the announcement once again that school would be starting 2 hours late today.
It was still dark outside and it never occurred  to me that I should look outside.
Next #1 son called and said d-in-love was not going to chance driving to work until daylight so she wouldn't be bringing g-son until around 8am. Still in a sleepy daze I didn't ask about the weather.
Finally when I shook off the cob webs I and looked outside I saw a dusting of snow on everything.
Sorry now that I didn't get up earlier before the sun melted some of it away.

The thermometer said 24 degrees when I did chores this morning and most of the snow dust wasn't going anywhere.
G-son and I spent another morning playing games and waiting for time for school instead of rushing around to get ready.
The roads were clear on the way to school but the bridges had been heavily salted and sanded where they looked like they had been very slick.
I came home and decided to tackle my office and getting ready to change desks. I got side tracked and spent most of the time in there going through old papers and photos to put them where they needed to be.
I also pulled out February decade pics while I was adding to my photo boxes.
I also finished my February decorating. I didn't change much and mostly just added red roses to the already winter decor.
I managed to get the curly willow branches I brought in a month ago spray painted white to stand out more against the red roses on the mantle.
I found this heart garland to replace the magnolia leaves in these vases.
Another bouquet of roses decorate the wood stove but will have to find another resting place later tonight as a fire will need to be built in the stove to combat the low teens temperatures.
Out in the sunroom my red placemats got a turn on the table with more roses.
The 2 new candle holders I found at Goodwill join this snowman light on the stove out there and hold red candles.
More roses,can you tell I love roses !!!
The checked placemats adorn the regular dining room table for Valentines decorating.
Yea, I'm ready for Valentines day now at home and tomorrow I will decorate my market table hopefully.
The forecast is for more snow tomorrow but not starting until late afternoon so hopefully market will be open all day.
I made one cake delivery on the way home from picking g-son up this afternoon to a lady that was afraid she couldn't make it to market tomorrow.
#1 son came in this afternoon to pick up g-son and said he was going to the doctor Monday to have an EKG ran on his heart as he had a really bad painful episode this morning. I'm hoping it was the sinus pill he took with coffee on an empty stomach instead of something wrong with his heart at his young age.
Daughter took her team all the way to Franklin,NC tonight to play basketball. They left school at 1:00 this afternoon. Praying the roads aren't bad tonight as they make their way home across Balsam Gap.
The temperature only got up to 30 degrees today but the sunny day helped melt the ice off all the water still standing in the bottom pastures.
The low temp tonight is supposed to be around 16,brrr it's a 2 fire night ! !
Well it looks like on this first day of February that winter has finally arrived at least for  a few days.
It is 11:00 and 22 degrees now as I am getting ready to head to bath and bed. Wondering what tomorrow's weather will bring?
Giving my all for the glory of God each day in all that I do is my goal.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

I wondered if you would get any of that snow. There's another clipper system coming toward us again tomorrow... SO--we may get more snow.

It only warmed up to about 24 here today --as a high... SO--much of our snow is still with us... I'll keep you posted as to whether or not we get more....

Love your valentine decorations. I don't decorate my house --but I did decorate my BLOG.....


linda eller said...

I love all your "red", and your roses blend right in for this love holiday! I also love your N. C. mountains. If I didnt live in Tennessee, would head straight for N. C. I am a winter person, so these cold days dont bother me one bit. God knows what we need when we need it, and I just trust Him....for snow, rain, or sunshine! Have a nice Saturday....stay warm.

Gail said...

I wish I had one ounce of your energy!

Your decorations look great.