Monday, February 4, 2013


Cold morning to start the day as g-son arrived before 7am.
Hubbie took him to school while I did chores and had breakfast. I am determined to get back on my exercise and walking routine so I got out my favorite Jane Fonda exercise tape and got started.
About a quarter of the way into the tape as I looked out the living room window where I love to do my exercise I saw a truck coming up the driveway.
I stopped the tape expecting to be right back to it after either giving directions or checking to see if a cow was out on the road. But to my surprise when I opened the back door a man in the truck called my name. As he got out he had a large roll of papers in his hand. My immediate thought was the farm survey that I had filled out this year and mailed in so no one would show up at my door to fill out all the info.
This guy wasn't from the ag department but rather the DOT .
We knew they were moving the road we live on and replacing the small bridge that always floods over, but since the road was moving away from our property we didn't expect a visit from them.
To our surprise they need to buy some right of way from us and both sons that we gave property to and also need a utility easement through our bottom pasture. We have cypress trees planted along the road and he said they would buy those and then we could move them. He also said they would have to buy our pasture fence and we probably wouldn't have to move it for the utility easement. It isn't much land we are talking about,only about 1/4 acre but it's all road frontage of course. This road needs improvements with all the accidents that we have here.
He is coming back tomorrow with an offer for our property. He left a brochure for us to explain things and from reading that I get that we have little choice in this matter. I'm all for it as long as I can  put my fence back where it is now after they get the utility lines moved. Since they are not buying this property,only asking to buy an easement that shouldn't be a problem,hopefully he will know that can happen tomorrow.
It was noon by the time he explained everything and left so hubbie and I had lunch and then hubbie went outside to work up some wood and I tackled my office moving project.
Got my old desk drawers all cleaned out and the top of the desk almost cleaned off and all the things boxed up. The day is so nice and sunny with high 40's temperatures I had to get outside for a while and take a nice rejuvenating walk.
Time to pick up g-son from school for me and time to head up to #2 son's house for hubbie to meet my cousin the heat and air man to check out his heat pump.
The verdict today is a bad thermostat. He will pick up one tomorrow and hubbie will install it tomorrow night in the mean time his emergency heat is keeping the house warm.
As I looked through my photos for decade pics the other day I ran across a scrap book my Aunt Hattie had Life magazines in it. These were all stories from WW1 which my uncle Anderson fought in until he lost an arm and received a honorable discharge.
Reading back through these old stories it was hard to imagine the conditions our men had to face when fighting in this war. This issue is dated February 1, 1943.

This advertisement caught my eye as I remember Barbara Stanwyck in the TV shows and she sure didn't look like this.

This advertisement shows an old chevy truck like my dad had,his was a 1946 model but it looked just like this 1943 model. They were tough trucks as he hauled his tractor and farm implements on his all the years he farmed when I was growing up.

And this surrender of Tripoli was dated February 8, 1943.

Now you know how I got sidetracked last week when I was supposed to be cleaning out my desk and moving stuff around !!
I am headed to bed earlier tonight as last night was not a good sleeping night especially after my over 2 hour nap just before bedtime !
God is Love !!!  Ask Him to come into your life so you can bask in it !
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

I love all the pictures and moments you found. I am a history buff so I am fascinated by your stuff. Hope things work out for you and hubby with the DOT. Blessings