Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I was worried when I first got up to fix g-son some breakfast this morning as I didn't feel well at all. Couldn't really put a finger on what was wrong, just didn't feel right. After he was all set with breakfast I layed back down determined to keep my eyes open and not go back to sleep.
About 20 minutes later g-son came in the room wanting some more chocolate milk. I should have known he would certainly wake me if I had  dozed off.
Thankfully I felt better as I got ready for my day.
After dropping him at school,doing the chores and sitting down for my breakfast the only remnant of how I felt earlier was that I was so cold and couldn't seem to get warm. I put on a light jacket and kept it on most of the day.
My plan of cleaning floors this morning went by the wayside when I got a couple phone calls,one from a friend in Florida with a large Avon order so then I had to put in an Avon order online.
I still have my Avon website up so anyone can order from there and when I get a large enough order I can put an order in also.
After lunch I cleaned vacuumed and mopped all my floors then sat outside in the warm 60 degree sunshine to get a dose of vitamin D and get really warm for the first time today.
I walked around the farm and enjoyed this February spring day. Some how my daffodils have survived all the really cold nights of the last week.
As I breathed in the wonderful fresh warm air I felt really good for the first time today. I pulled some Kale greens up for the hens which appreciated them immensely. It just felt so good to be able to walk around in my shirt sleeves.
After I picked g-son up from school we made a promised trip to Walmart for him to get a star wars figure he has been wanting for a while.
I also picked up a few groceries and we made it home just as his dad was getting here to pick him up.
Hubbie went back up to #2 son's house tonight with my cousin to work on the heat pump. They got it started but still couldn't find a cause for the way it is stopping.
After chores I had a light supper then spent the evening in my office buried in weekly paperwork and bills. I need to get my desks moved around and get started on taxes next week.
It's days like this one when I am outside looking around that I can't understand how anyone could doubt that there is a loving creator.  God created so much beauty for our eyes to behold.
Good Night and God Bless


Betsy Adams said...

Hi Marilyn, Love your Daffodil. We saw one in bloom when we were at Biltmore on the 28th. Been a fairly mild winter overall.

We will be in Arkansas all next week --and the weather there looks nice... Should be fun.


linda eller said...

I love the daffodil...I noticed I have some ready to bloom out by my mailbox....first sign of spring. Hope you have a good Thursday.

linda m said...

I love your daffodil. winter has settled in here with snow, snow, and more snow. Looking forward to Spring. Blessings