Saturday, February 9, 2013


I sure am not going to complain about the weather here in the WNC mountains for a long time.
While we are enjoying mid 50's temperatures and sunshine our northeast neighbors are getting slammed with a huge snow storm.
This storm named Nemo looks like a huge hurricane spinning right over the northeastern states.
People are digging out of almost 3 feet of snow in some places. These photos below are from Boston.

Yeah, I do like snow but not this much snow !!! With 80 MPH winds causing the ocean waves to crash into many coastal homes and water spray freezing on all surfaces it looks like pictures from a movie.

Market was very slow today but I did sell several cakes and surprisingly several crafts so I do have the incentive to get some sewing done now.
Daughter came in after her recreation b-ball game which they lost by 4 points and stayed until lunch time.
I made a couple stops on the way home and made it home about 3:30.  Hubbie helped me unload and get things put away and then he went to load the ladder and some tools in his truck to take over to daughter's to check on some of the vinyl siding that blew loose on her house last night.
I went along to help her with rewinding the bobbin on grandma's old sewing machine.
After our visit hubbie and I came home to chores and supper.
The DOT man came to meet with us and both sons at 7:00 tonight.
We were very happy with what they offered us for the property they are going to use and all of us signed the papers tonight. Now we just wait on those checks !!  Put a smile on our faces and deal with the months of mess around here starting in May.
After everyone left hubbie and I settled down to watch one of our favorite TV shows about a veterinarian in Michigan named Dr. Pol.
I am blogging then heading for bed. It is going to be another cold night around the upper 20's and I'm so ready to snuggle with my 4-legged kids and sleep through all the alarms tomorrow morning !
Grateful for the love of an awesome God !
Good Night and God Bless.


linda eller said...

I do feel sorry for those folks in the upper NE. That is too much snow for anyone, even tho I like it too. The loss of power, etc. is a serious problem. Sounds like you had a good day all around, and enjoy your day of rest.

Anonymous said...

heck, years ago we were snowed in for three days and loved every minute of it.