Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Without a trace of fever this morning g-son is ready to go back to school. This is a good day to ease back into the routine because it is an early dismissal day, students leave at 1:00. If his fever does re-appear it probably won't be until after 1:00 anyway.
I came home did chores in a bone chilling windy morning and came inside for a second cup of hot coffee to warm my bones.
Just as I was finishing my devotions the left side of my nose started burning badly. In just minutes I had a very runny nose,was sneezing my head off and battling to see clearly through watery eyes !!
I have been thankfully praying that I have made it this long without catching any of the junk I've been around. I don't think this is from g-son as it would be too soon for me to catch whatever he has.
Hopefully mine is just a nasty head cold. After an Alka-Seltzer cold I do feel better and the sneezing is at a minimum.
I am still cold and can't seem to get warm today while listening to the howling wind outside.
The temperature is 44 just before 1pm, the sun is shining but clouds are quickly moving in.
These daffodils are really showing off early this year.
I was afraid these cold 20 or below nights would cause them to shrivel and drop their blooms but so far so good. They have a perfect location on the sunny south side of the house.
I spent most of the day sneezing and wiping my runny nose and eyes so not much got done. I did manage to get an Avon order on line and call AT&T to report that my phone was dead . They assured me it would be fixed today but that didn't happen. I don't know whats up with them,as this is the second time I have been forgotten and had to call back to get this phone fixed. I should just have it cut off,we hardly ever use it but old habits die hard around here ! However if they don't fix the darn thing it will make my decision an easy one.
As time to pick up g-son came 2 hours earlier today the car rider line was twice as long as folks struggled to make other arrangements for their kids.

 When my kids were in school they did away with these early dismissal days because of the problems it caused for working parents but they have now brought them back to give the teachers more time without students.
G-son was back to normal this afternoon and he played and we read books until his dad picked him up.
I did chores and had chicken soup for supper to hopefully make me feel better. I did weekly paperwork, then watched Survivor.
After I finish with this blog I am going to take a hot steamy bath and a good dose of nyquil to hopefully help me get a good night's sleep.
God loves everyone and asked for very little in return.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda eller said...

Hoping you are better this morning, but those old nasty colds tend to hang around longer than we want.

linda m said...

Sure hope you feel better soon. Nothing worse than a nasty head cold. They are very hard on me as I find it difficult to breath through my mouth. So when my nose doesn't work and I am forced to breath through my mouth I am doubly miserable. Will say a prayer for you. Blessings.