Friday, February 15, 2013


Hubbie took today off so while he drove g-son to school I finished chores and got ready to go on our trip to the Biltmore House for the day.Thanks to blogger friend Betsy who gave us complimentary tickets.
It was a beautiful day for the trip.
As both hubbie and I have been inside the house we decided to spend the morning roaming around the grounds which we've never seen in the winter time.
As we crossed this outside patio on the side of the house I thought this vine was gorgeous and I loved that all the twist could be seen without all the leaves.

Below is a photo from this patio looking at Mt. Pisgah, (the highest peak in the distance) it is said that after the house and grounds were completed one goal of Mr. George Vanderbilt was to own all the property between his house and Mt. Pisgah.

A place neither of us had been in before was the large greenhouse on the property. It looks like a tropical paradise.
One of my favorite spots was filled with all kinds of Orchids which were in full bloom to my delight.
This was just one of my many favorites that I have photographs of.
From the garden area we headed down the "Bass pond" trail.
 This was one of my favorite creek crossing ideas.
And this was my favorite spot on the bass pond. I could just feel the peaceful feeling that sitting here in this quiet, beautiful little finger of land that extended out into the lake would bring.
The waterfall below the damn of the lake was a nice place for a photo op.

With no leaves on the trees or bushes and not much color at all around we still found beauty on these grounds.
The drabness of winter reveled a beauty of its own. This cypress like ones in the swamps with all its shoots coming through the earth to get nutrients from the air.
This huge Purple Leafed European Beech tree has a beautiful smooth bark and shape and was one of many imported species that these gardens contained.
I loved seeing all the curls and twist in this small walking stick tree.
We finished this trail walk just in time for lunch and decided to dine in the cafe that was converted from the old stables. It still had all the stalls and hardware from the days of housing both the pleasure and work horses for the Vanderbilts.
After a delicious lunch of BBQ and baby back ribs we were on our way again. We passed by these ponds where these Koi thought we were going to feed them and all came swimming up.
There were so many of them the water seemed to sparkle with gold.
I was surprised at how many folks were here on a Friday in February. We made a quick trip through the house just to see if they had opened anything new since our last visits.
If I lived here I would have spent many,many hours on this veranda, just look at that view !!
When we came out of the house after less than an hour the skies were filled with dark clouds and the wind had picked up causing it to be really cool. We were so glad we chose to take our hike early before lunch.
As we drove toward the winery and farm area we had to stop for "goose crossings" a couple times as these guys no longer migrate from these food filled fields.
I love animals so of course I liked these large percheron horses and of course the chickens.

Our last stop was at the winery where we shopped in the shops of Antler village.I bought more of my Wassail mix that I use in my green tea and then we headed out to beat the Friday afternoon rush hour traffic out of town.
We got home with just enough time to get chores done and then get out to watch daughter's (she's in the grey blouse) varsity girls team play a conference tournament game. They won the game so they get to go to the semi-final game next Tuesday at Tuscola HS in Haywood county.

After the game I came home to ice caramel,chocolate and coconut cakes for market tomorrow.
Giving praise to God tonight for His beautiful world and for the ability He gives us to enjoy it.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

So glad you loved it, Marilyn. It is just one of our favorite places in the world--no matter what season.


linda eller said...

I am the same as the friend above; I never tire of visiting the Biltmore. Have been several times, spring, summer, Christmas, etc. I always see something new like is amazing. Thanks for sharing your pictures...makes me want to go again soon.