Sunday, February 24, 2013


Getting ready for church this morning I was interrupted by a loud thud on the living room window. I went to investigate this time and found no little attled bird like g-son and I found one morning last week.
G-son came screaming into the kitchen one morning last week saying a little bird was dead on the front porch from trying to fly through the window.
I found this little guy very woozy sitting on the tray of an old antique baby stroller I have on the porch.
This little Downy Woodpecker had knocked herself silly against the window in the early morning haze. G-son had to touch her to make sure she was still alive. She was but I wasn't sure she would be for long, however when I got back from school she had flown away.
I would have posted this on the day it happened but totally forgot about it until I downloaded some photos from my camera today.
After church we had a lunch with only daughter present. #1 son's family went to other parents today and #2 son is golfing on this beautiful 60 degree sunny afternoon.
Hubbie and I decided to go out to the local high school which is less than a mile away and walk the cross country trail.
It was a bit cooler than I expected and in only my shirt I was wishing for a light jacket as a breeze kicked up and cooled the air.
This is a really good trail for walking with twist and turns and up and down hills. It is well kept up by the school and very pretty.
All the little streams had nice wooden bridges built I'm sure by the carpentry class at school.
I loved these old trees along the trail and want to make this a routine thing so I can watch the seasonal changes in these woods.
The trail winds around through these woods and a practice soccer field and heads back up to the football field house.
I forgot a camera today and made these pics with my cell phone. Next time I will surely take my camera for more interesting shots as we heard the chirps of ducks and bull frogs in all the streams that meandered along the trail.
The trail plus a trip around the school buildings made for about a 45 minute walk.
We made it back home in time for hubbie to see the end of the Daytona 500 race on TV so all was good.
#2 son came by after his golfing trip and took a plate of food home for his supper.
I took my 4-legged kids outside and sat in the patio to watch the sun set in a perfectly clear sky.
I noticed the neighbor has added a mule to the pasture across the road with his cattle in hopes that he would keep the coyotes at bay while the cows calve.

The temperature got uncomfortably cool quickly and we headed inside for the evening.
Thankful tonight for the glorious blessings of this beautiful world we live in.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

The coyotes have been singing like crazy here and seem to be moving closer.

Last night there was a scream, no other way to describe it. Andrew and I both heard it. Tom cats don't get that loud. I'm wondering what has moved in. Sounding more like a woman's scream I'm hoping game and fish are not restocking cougars!

linda m said...

The trail you walked on looks so lovely. Wish we had something like that near by as I love walking in the woods. Very pretty sunset. Blessings

Betsy Adams said...

We had a beautiful weekend also.... Beautiful and fairly warm days and COLD nights... Today, it was cloudy and is supposed to rain after midnight....There's snow flurries in the forecast throughout the week...

Beautiful photo of the moon. I was hoping to see it tonight but it's cloudy.

Glad you got to take a walk. We did too...