Monday, February 18, 2013


G-son isn't feeling well this morning and is running a low grade fever so no school for him today.
Son called last night to ask if I minded keeping him sick,I don't mind as long as it's not a stomach sickness. I do not like those since I can't throw up without passing out due to my hyperactive vagel nerve.
Hubbie left early to meet daughter at the jeep dealership where she bought her jeep so he could  take her back to work while they changed her oil and rotated tires on a special offer they sent her.
I did chores and had breakfast while he was gone and we were all ready to do some shopping errands when he got back.
Hubbie needed a new pair of tennis shoes so we went to a sale at GBS shoes,where we both got new tennis shoes ! G-son found a pair he liked but they didn't have his size.
From there we picked up chicken feed at Southern States ,a toy for a really good boy at Walmart, lunch at Sam's club with some groceries, birdseed at Tractor Supply and daughter's jeep at the shop and delivered it back to her workplace on our way home.
G-son seemed to be feeling better after another dose of Tylenol during lunch. He played for the afternoon while hubbie worked outside pruning our muscadine grapes and I worked in my office. I can't believe I'm still not done in there !!
By the time #1 son got here to pick g-son up he was asleep on the couch and feeling a little warm again since he slept through his dose of tylenol this afternoon.
When they got home and took his fever it was only 99.9.
He complained through the day with different things so we have no idea what is going on with him.
Winter weather is raring it's head again tonight and early in the morning,maybe!!
Putting us under a winter weather advisory for in the morning and sending #1 son to work at 6am again.

There is a lot of moisture coming our way,just depends on what the mountains do to it when it crosses them.
Today started off really cold but warmed up nicely this afternoon.
I took this photo of the setting sun this evening, thinking it will be the last day in quite a few by the forecast that I will see the sun.
I need some quiet alone days to work on taxes but looks like tomorrow won't be one of them as g-son isn't going to school again.
Praying tonight that he feels better quickly and doesn't share whatever he has !!
As I close I want to say how proud I am of daughter and her endeavers. She has mentored several young girls through the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program. If you have followed my blog long you know the story of the latest one,Kate, who is now at UNCG and doing remarkably well determined not to fall into the footsteps of her upbringing.
Daughter is always doing something for someone so she is participating in this fundraiser for the Big Brothers/ Big Sisters organization. I am posting a link to allow any of my readers who would like to donate to this cause to help her reach her fundraising goal can do so.

Thanks in advance !!  And prayers are always appreciated for all the kids involved in this very worth while organization.
God bless and keep us as we go through each day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Hi Marilyn, Hope your grandson feels better tomorrow. Hope you don't get any severe weather.

We are having high winds tonight --with rain on the way. No winter stuff coming our way though.

Big Brothers/Sisters is an excellent organization. Thanks for the link.

linda m said...

Sure hope your grandson is feeling better today. Mine has been feeling poorly for about a week now - nothing serious but just not feeling well. We had heavy rains last night that changed over to snow. Temps dropped (17 degrees) and still snowing. So very happy to hear about your daughter and Big Brothers/Big Sisters. It truly is a worthwhile organization. God bless your daughter.

linda eller said...

Hoping your g.son is better and you don't get it. I know you are proud of your daughter working with the BB/BS organization as it is definitely worthy, and pray God blesses her continually.