Sunday, February 17, 2013


After a very cold snowy night I was surely surprised to see only slight traces of snow left in this morning's bright sunshine.
Church was good this morning with a smaller crowd than usual I'm sure due to the cold weather today.
Everyone made it for lunch today of  beef pot roast,baked potatoes, corn and green beans.
G-son isn't feeling real well today and is just laying around. Hope he hasn't picked up a bug at school.
After everyone left I worked on my blog book for a while this afternoon in the nice warm house.
This is one of few in house catch-up days I've had this winter  and I kind of miss having several of them !
Day's like this are hard on the outside animals and the folks who don't have a warm house to stay in.
I saw this photo of snow in Florence, S.C., this city is close to Myrtle Beach and this much snow is a rarity for them.
A couple years ago daughter went to Myrtle Beach to run a marathon and it got snowed out.
This year these beach towns may get more snow for the season than we do here in the mountains,we'll have to wait and see but now we are playing catch-up already !!
Hubbie built a fire in both wood stoves tonight again as the high today only got to 38 and it is already down to 27 at 10pm.
But warm weather is on the way once again in the 7-day.
Thankful tonight for a wonderful family and praying for guidance in some upcoming decisions.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda eller said...

A free day or evening is always nice, but being those you love, top that. Hope your week ahead is a good one.

linda m said...

Your cold weather sounds warm to me. Gotta love those "catch up" days. I need one or two. God's blessings to you.