Thursday, August 10, 2017


Up and off to market this morning with hubbie helping which makes it much easier for me. One big plus for his retirement !!
We got set up and daughter came in shortly with her baked goods. Hubbie visited with his friends then left to take our trash to the dump and stop at Ingles for some things.
G-daughter I slept most of the morning away at a much cooler market today.
She is changing so much each day now and is so alert.

G-son and d-in-love came by on their way to pick g-daughter R up from her play school for a short visit. He had been school clothes shopping and he has had to move to the men's shoe department for his shoes !!!  I remember what it was like to shop for a "big foot" boy as #2 son had very big feet also.

Market was pretty slow all day but we ended up having a decent day thanks to a couple late customers.
It was sure nice to have daughter's help packing and loading up which will come to an end after today as next Thursday is her first workday back at school.
It's hard to believe this summer is coming to an end !!!
I ran regular errands, stopping for my first visit to the newly remodeled Aldi grocery store and at Walmart for baking supplies.
I got home just ahead of hubbie and g-son who had been to the Barber Shop for g-son to get his hair cut and then to check out a problem at daughter's .
They helped me unload and then hubbie mowed the lawn while g-son and I relaxed. The rain ran hubbie off the mower about chore time . I am getting used to getting my rain gear on now each day for chores.
After chores hubbie helped me peel the tomatoes that didn't sell at market today and I added peppers and onions and made some really good spaghetti sauce tonight from them.
Seems this year the tomatoes have such great flavor anything I make turns out declicious.

Thankful for another day filled with Heavenly blessings and love.
God Bless and Good Night

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