Thursday, August 3, 2017


Woke to the first clouds of the week today.
Actually I think everyone was ready for a reason to do something different today so we all headed for Southport after breakfast.

I love this small old waterfront town and all its little shops and restaurants. Looking across the water at our house and the Oak Island light house.

This is my favorite place to shop and today I found some Christmas gifts and some special treats for the kids.
I even visited Santa's bedroom !!! Okay I'm ready for Christmas !!!!
There is a huge candy shoppe in the Christmas House here which made these two very happy.

We ate lunch at a place called "The Frying Pan" which was very good and reasonably priced.

 This was the view from our table.
 G-daughter R was not impressed with the photographer waitress.

All along this waterfront was where the movie "Safe Haven" from the book by Nicholas Sparks was filmed.
We tried to catch the ferry over to Fort Fisher but were too late for the 1:30 schedule and decided with the kids at their nap time couldn't wait until the 2:15 departure.
We all came home and were pleasantly surprised by the appearance of the sun.

Daughter, g-daughter I and I went for a walk while everyone else rested and napped .When we walked up to the Fort Caswell beach we found this huge cross made in the sand.
We saw lots of fish jumping in the waves and decided to fish some.
My fishing buddy !!!!!  Definitely not as cute as g-daughter I !!!
Hubbie came out and fished with us but none of us caught anything. It was as if the jumping fish were mocking us !!
We came inside and everyone else was up and ready for some beach fun.
Family of Four !!!
Pawpaw and 2 of his grands.
Fun in the water !!!

Checking out the turtle nest. One of the "turtle watchers" told me yesterday that this cool temperature weather has delayed most of the hatches.
Watchful eyes !!!
I'm tired too but nobody would carry me home !!!!
These two have such a great time with each other !

Daughter and g-son went after pizza tonight for a light supper after our big lunch.
We relaxed for the evening and watched Safe Haven since we were at the spot where it was filmed this morning. We saw a lot of familiar sites.
With rain back in the forecast for tomorrow we are hoping to catch the early ferry to Fort Fisher tomorrow morning for another new adventure.
Thankful for the loving care of my precious Savior Jesus Christ and for the blessings I receive each day.
God Bless and Good Night

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