Saturday, August 5, 2017


Up to disturbing news from son-in-love that daughter had fainted in the bathroom and banged up her face.
I took her a breakfast bar and a cup of coffee and she looked like she was feeling better but had a huge bruise under her eye and a busted lip along with some bruises on her arm and chin.
She said she hit her elbow and it hurt badly so she was trying to sit down and get her head down but wasn't fast enough and woke up on the bathroom floor where she hit the tile shower stall with her face.
She sat in bed with g-daughter I and we all helped clean and load everything to get ready for the trip home.
Seems every year some one has  a really bad day on the travel home day. Last year I was very sick, the year before that d-in-love was sick , so this year must have been daughter's turn.
We all left the beach house at 9:30 and headed out separate ways home.
Hubbie and I take the route 74 way home across the state of N.C., today #1 son is taking the same route but they are doing some shopping first and daughter and son-in-love are taking I-95 to I-20 to I-26 route through S.C.
Our route is more scenic and we enjoy changes of scenery.

Hubbie and I traveled until almost 2:00 before we stopped and had lunch. Seems when we were in the vicinity of food places it was noon and they were very crowded so we just drove.
We stopped at Chick-f-la in Shelby and got gas and were back on the road.
We had an easy drive today with only a few rain showers as we started out but after we got inland the skies cleared.
It is always so good when the mountains come into view.
I had called the vet's office to see what time to pick Bernie up tomorrow and they didn't call me back before they closed so we decided to stop by and see if there might be a time schedule on the door for tomorrow.
The main office girl was still there meeting her family and she said she would just check him out for us .
Bernie was calmly resting in his kennel when I went in to get him, he looked very content so that really made me feel good about leaving him in their care.
 We  made it home at 3:30 and all the animals were very glad to see us.
We unloaded everything that came in the house and I got laundry started. I never do laundry at the beach as both girls have kids and need the washer and dryer more than me, so I come home to do all mine. This time I have 4 loads including all the sheets for beds I took.
#2 son came by and brought our mail and we had a visit with him. He took very good care of everything here while we were gone and although it was sad he didn't get to go it made me feel more comfortable knowing he was the one taking care of things at home.
We did chores and then #1 son came up and brought the canopy to spray WD-40 on  the legs so it won't rust from all the salt water spray.
Hubbie dug potatoes and I picked green beans for lunch  tomorrow from an over flowing garden of ripe vegetables.
There was no rain all week except a strong thunder storm last night that left 4/10ths inch in the rain gauge.
I came back inside and did more laundry and then hubbie and I made a trip to Ingles for tomorrow's lunch supplies and some groceries we needed.
More laundry when we got home and that is all I can cram into this first day home.
Very very grateful for the traveling mercies granted by our Wonderful Loving Heavenly Father today and very very glad to be getting back into my own bed tonight.
God Bless and Good Night

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