Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Up to another cool sunny morning, certainly couldn't have asked for better weather so far while we are at the beach. It has been full sunshine and low to mid 80's with a pretty good breeze off the ocean.
After breakfast we headed for the beach. D-in-love had some work to do for school so we took the kids out for awhile.

G-daughter R loved for her dad to bury her in the sand.

Just before noon g-daughter got ready for her nap since she has been up going strong since 7am today.

I took her inside to her mom and then we all stayed out for awhile to let her get to sleep before we all went in to have lunch.
After lunch it was back to the beach for hubbie, me, Josh, daughter, #1 son and g-son.
Daughter and I decided to walk back to the end of the island today and hubbie went along as he had never been that far and he wanted to see the Cape Fear river entrance. The big cargo ships come in and out of this river each day.

The tide was a bit higher today and made walking tougher but we made it and back with daughter carrying little g-daughter I in her shoulder carrier.
Everyone else met us as we walked back down the beach and we found "Mr. Crabs" as g-daughter R called this little sand crab that was sitting on the beach.

D-in-love and g-son went to an early movie this evening and the rest of us stayed on the beach until supper time.
G-daughter is fun to watch exploring the beach and discovering all the fun things to do.

Tonight hubbie, me and #1 son stayed home and took care of the two girls while d-in-love and g-son were at the movie and Josh and daughter went to have a quiet dinner in Southport.
G-daughter I turned 6 weeks old today and d-in-love found this little bathing suit that matches one she bought for g-daughter R.

Thankful for another family filled day at the beach and for the love of these grandkids.
I am a very blessed Neena !!
God Bless and Good Night.

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