Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Up early to get chores done before daughter gets here. She has her after baby check up today and I have my annual exam at our OB doctor. It worked out good so that we both got back to back appointments and took turns watching g-daughter I.
Both of our check ups were great and we left feeling very good.
She dropped me off at Walmart while she went to get a cup of coffee to cure her caffeine craving headache. Walmart didn't have all the things I needed so I will go to the one in our town later tonight.
We came home and had lunch here while Pawpaw loved on g-daughter I. She has been very good this morning.
She even gave me a little smile at the doc's office while we waited for mom to finish her appointment!!

After daughter left I started getting rid of some of the tomatoes that are staring at me out of the baskets sitting on the table.
I made some delicious salsa out of the Roma and Mountain pride varieties. These cook up thicker than the other heirloom varieties that we grow. I always add bell pepper, hot pepper and onions to the mixture.
I canned 11 pints and had 5 more for the freezer.
I got the jars out of the canner just as hubbie came in from working up at his shop this afternoon doing some re-organizing and we decided to go pick up a free camper cover that a guy he used to work with gave us. It doesn't fit hubbie's truck but will make a perfect chicken tractor.
The road the man lived on was a long one lane dirt drive around the side of the mountain.

It was a pretty drive but hard to enjoy for the fear of meeting someone and having to back up for a long long way as there were several houses on this drive.
We managed to clamp the cover onto hubbie's truck even though it was a little wider than his truck bed.
We took all back roads home so no big trucks would pass us and create wind to blow the cover loose.
It is a nice camper cover and will be perfect for a chicken tractor.

Hubbie had a meeting at church tonight with the nominating team so I did all the chores while he was there.
My Butterfly bushes are loaded with blooms and the butterflies are showing their appreciation.

When hubbie  got home we made that trip to Walmart to finish my shopping.
Today has been a mostly cloudy day but no rain until we started home from Walmart tonight.
Today was the 7 week birthday of g-daughter I !!!

This was g-daughter R at 7 weeks !!!  That  must be the age of scared looks !!!!!

Thankful for the blessings of good news from doctor appointments today and for all the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night.

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