Saturday, August 12, 2017


This Saturday morning quiet different from last Saturday as I woke in my own bed to get ready for market day.
Hubbie and I made it on time and got set up before we were slammed with customers pretty much all morning. I am very thankful for the business of this day. The sun is shining today and I think everyone is out and about enjoying it. It is still cool enough for a light sweater in here though.

Hubbie left just before noon to make our weekly Sam's Club trip and get home to more yard work. With all this rain and his having to work everyday for the last month without taking any time off our yard has gotten pretty over grown.
G-daughter R enjoyed watching him mow at their house.
Just as I got ready to leave market #2 son came by on his mail route and helped me load my Honda.
It is so nice to have kids who are willing to help any time they can.
I made stops at Aldi and Walmart to pick up baking supplies on the way home. The clouds looked threatening but only a light rain fell  for a few minutes and it had stopped by the time I got home about 3:30.
Hubbie helped unload and then we decided we had better so some work in the garden since the radar looked like rain was headed our way later this evening.
We planted our Fall greens, Kale, Collards and Turnips .
We gleaned the garden for vegetables for lunch tomorrow and for preserving this week.
Looks like I will be adding to our tomato preserved products !!!
There is also beautiful food for the soul in our garden as usual this year as these Zinnias are loving this rainy weather.
Just as we finished our gardening we heard thunder in the distance and rain began to fall as we walked back to the house.
I had a cup of hot green tea and watched out the living room window as the heaviest rain of the day fell and the sun began to shine brightly through the rain.
I grabbed my camera and went outside to see where the rainbow was. I was rewarded with the brightest colored rainbow I think I have ever seen.
This picture really doesn't do it justice the colors were so brilliant it was soooo beautiful.
The rain stopped and we went out to do the chores before the next shower came.
I didn't check the rain gauge tonight but this morning there was another 1/2 inch from last night's rain.
I worked on catching my vacation blog post up tonight.
Thankful for God's promises in this rainbow tonight and praying that G-son is learning about the true love of Jesus Christ during another day at camp Glow today.
God Bless and Good Night

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