Friday, August 4, 2017


Extra early alarm this morning to get this adventurous day started early. We wanted to catch the 9:15 ferry over to Fort Fisher this morning so we were up at 7:30 to get started. Son-in-love, daughter, g-son , hubbie and I left first to start by Mcdonalds for some breakfast.
 #1 son caught up with us there and we both got on the ferry with time to spare and the ferry wasn't even all the way full on the trip over but it was pouring rain. We didn't get out of the Honda all the way over but sat and watched from inside as the rain was so heavy.

Once on the Kure beach side we found  Britt's donut shop and had donuts and coffee as we watched a still drizzly rain. These were the best donuts I had ever tasted and they were so light and we got them really hot which made them even better. The long line we waited in and the long line still waiting as we left spoke for the goodness of the donuts.

G-son was on his 4th donut in this pic !!!!

We walked out on the boardwalk at the beach and watched the strong storm sent waves crash on the beach for a while. Folks were still braving the rainy day and getting in the ocean.
We headed back to the Aquarium but made a stop at the Civil War museum at Fort Fisher on the way.
 G-son was interested in all the "big" guns !!!
It was really pretty around this area.
Next stop the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher and the kids really enjoyed all the displays.

Back to catch the ferry for the return trip to Southport. The ferry was much more crowded on this trip but the rain had stopped so we got to get out of the car and enjoy the ride. This was g-son's first ever ferry ride and he was really happy to get to do this.

Back in Southport the sun was shining and it was a beautiful afternoon. We had lunch at Moore's Market and it was as good as we remembered it being last time we were here . G-son thought the grilled cheese with bacon they made him was the best he had ever eaten and let the cooks know!
We remembered this was the exact same table we sat at a couple years ago when we ate lunch here.
Back to the house we took our last walk on the beach.

Daughter and I outlasted everyone else and she even made a friend who seemed to want to go along with us.
I'm going to miss these long beach walks on this beautiful beach.
And I am surely going to miss this view out the front window each day but I am ready to get back home to the mountains.

It was time to pack up all the outside things and get some cleaning done this evening to get ready to head home tomorrow. I am glad and sad to see this week come to an end but this is a new beginning for hubbie and I as his retirement starts and we find new schedules.
These 2 are going to miss one another next week when they are not residing in the same house and in bedrooms next to one another.
And these girls are really going to miss one another and d-in-love is going to miss having a baby to love on I'm sure.
That's whats special about these vacation times is how everyone comes together and blends as one family living under the same roof .
 I am tired tonight and ready for bed as I didn't sleep well last night and need to get a good night's sleep tonight for the trip home tomorrow.
Thankful for God's graciousness this week in all the blessings He sent our way and His loving arms around us keeping us safe as we traveled and praying for His mercies tomorrow as we make our way back home.
God Bless and Good Night

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