Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Up to a 16 degree morning after a little warm up overnight when some unexpected cloud cover rolled in .
I got the chores done before taking g-daughter RL to her preschool. She was her happy self this morning, singing all the way there with made up songs !!
The doorman at the church calls her little Miss Sunshine because she is usually so happy and smiley.
I came home and had my breakfast then fed g-daughter IR her breakfast and bottle.
She took a short nap and hubbie went down to check on #1 son's frozen water lines. This is the second day in a row that g-son's new upstairs bathroom water has been frozen. It thawed yesterday without a problem but today it took a lot longer to thaw but finally did without breaking any water lines. Hubbie crawled under the house and found that the hot water line was touching the underpinning blocks all along the outside wall.
While he was gone and IR napped I started cleaning house. The house hasn't had a good cleaning in a couple weeks so today I took one room at a time and cleaned and made sure I took all the Christmas d├ęcor down and put it away.
I stopped for playtimes with this sweet little girl and for lunch and her lunch and finally called it a day about 3:15 with only the sunroom left to deep clean.

Daughter came after g-daughter IR and then hubbie and I watched the early news of more even colder temps coming our way and of the snowfall along the coast that is causing all kinds of traffic problems.

Winter storm Grayson is hitting the coastal areas that very seldom see snow really hard with 5-10 inches of snow on the roads where there is no snow removing equipment.

Snow on the beach looks so odd but beautiful.
Our temperatures are getting farther below normal for the next several days and we are under a wind advisory for tomorrow with wind from 15-25 mph which will make it a very frigid day.

I have a couple orders for 3 caramel cakes tomorrow or I probably wouldn't even venture out to market.         
We are routinely building fires in both woodstoves these nights and we are very thankful for such a warm comfortable house to stay warm in. 
Praying tonight for all the people and animals that have to be outside while this cold weather is hanging around.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and the strength that God gives me each day.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Very frigid temps here also. My poor furnace barely gets a break in between cycles. So looking forward to it warming up a bit. Blessings