Tuesday, January 2, 2018


BRRRRR !!!!!   6 degrees this morning as we greet both g-daughters at 8am. School is on a 2-hour delay because of the cold and icy roads.
I went out to get the chores done while hubbie got RL her breakfast. When I got back inside I grabbed a bowl of oatmeal before taking RL to her pre-school. They are also on a delay and aren't opening until 10:00.
It will be good to get the first day back under her belt . I came home to do more un-decorating. I got everything down and in the bins , now we just have to get all of them taped closed and hauled to the storage shed.
We dropped 4 of them off on our way to pick up RL. She was in a good mood when I picked her up.
Funny thing , she doesn't want me to hold her hand all the way to the car. So I told her as long as she walks inside the white striped lines I let her walk. So she watches and makes sure she walks right on the outside line !!!!  That's her trying attitude right now.

We rode up on Davis Mountain to look at a house #2 son is considering to buy and both girls got a good nap while we were riding but woke up as soon as we got home.
We all had lunch then spent the afternoon playing. These two love one another and seemed to have picked up today right where they left off even after a 2 week break from one another.
IR is growing so fast and changing so much each day it is sometimes mind blowing !!!  And it is hard to believe that she is already 28 weeks old.

Seeing IR sitting up alone today RL immediately wanted to know if she could stand up and play with her !!

And these drums are a major hit with both girls !!
After the girls were picked up it was chore time and more water carrying time. (is it spring yet?)
We hauled the rest of the Christmas storage bins to the shed and got back inside just as darkness fell and it is really cccccold again tonight.
The "G" winter strom, Grayson is going to pay a snowy visit to areas that normally don't see much if any snow as it starts in Florida and moves along the coast all the way to New England.

Our deep freeze temps are going to continue for several more days unfortunately as well as in most of the country right now.
I am really tired tonight as it is hard to get back on our school schedule and I am headed to bed at 10:00 tonight instead of the 11:00 or later bedtime of the last couple weeks !!!
I am thankful for the blessings I received today and for the love of these little ones that are growing up way to fast. 
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

No school delays here. After all this is Wisconsin and we have the "Ice Bowl" after all. Hubby was off work for a week so I know what you mean about getting back on schedule. Blessings and keep warm.