Saturday, February 13, 2010


Lazy morning this morning,it is really cold outside so it is a good day to catch up on some paperwork inside. Hubbie called to check on his dad and they said there was no change. I think he keeps hoping he will slip on out without having to go the Hospice route again. He did some work around the barn to occupy his time this morning. This snow was a sticky wet snow and was still stuck to many things as the afternoon started out with bright sunshine.
The temperature only got to 36 degrees but the sunshine did a good job of melting this afternoon,now we have plenty of mud where the pretty white snow used to be. Hubbie and I had to muscle one of the new larger hay rolls into a position to feed in the barn this afternoon,I took a picture looking back to the house from the barn of the muddy drive that goes up to the barn,the snow melted off the drive everywhere but in the shady spots. Maybe that will melt tomorrow before we get more snow tomorrow night and Monday!!
Brother-in-law called from the hospital and said f-i-l was worse and that he had set up a meeting for him and hubbie with Hospice tomorrow at 2 so I guess hubbie's not gonna get his wish. That's too bad ,Hospice is a wonderful service,but it is hard on the family,it has a finality to it when Hospice gets involved and the waiting is tortuous. I still can't believe we were in this exact place 1 year ago. I'll be afraid to see February come around next year!
The birdie dining tables stayed full all day today,I love it when everyone gets along and big and little can eat side by side. Later in the day when the melting was slowing down this little guy looks like he is in a perilous position.(Better look up little birdie bird!!) Uh oh I'm watching to many Wow Wow Wubbzy cartoons with g-son.
We had a big chili and cornbread supper and #2 son came in tired from fighting the snow and ice all day delivering mail,ate and went home to rest. #1 son's family came later and after we ate we played cards while g-son played with his play-dough.D-in-love had a four square game and she and I played that,I had never played and it was fun.This winter has been a good winter for game playing and we always have a laughing fun good time,so it's good medicine for those cabin fever blues.
Hopefully we can get to church in the morning without slipping and sliding too much.
Give your cares to the Lord and rejoice. Good Night and God Bless.

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Anonymous said...

The birds are so pretty at your feeders. Does your grandson enjoy watching the birds? Your supper sounds very tasty to me on a cold, snowy evening. I continue to lift you all up in prayer during these difficult days.