Monday, February 15, 2010


Phone ringing at 5:45 am jarred me awake,nothing good comes to mind when the phone rings that early. This time it was the school recording saying school's were closed,I went back to sleep thinking there was a pile of snow outside. Imagine my surprise when later I looked out and there was absolutely no snow on the ground. I listened to the weather and they were still saying snow was coming so I waited a while and then leaving hubbie and g-son at home I went to deliver my Avon orders. None of the roads I traveled had any evidence of snow,but I talked to several people that had snow between 7 and 8 this morning. And I noticed the surrounding mountains definitely had evidence of a snowy early morning on them. I made all my deliveries but 1,which I'll do tomorrow and was home by 3:00. G-son and hubbie were watching TV and playing with a "spaceship" made from a plastic cookie container. G-son's imagination is really going at his age(3) and he is so fun to watch as he talks with his toys and pretends he is a "super hero".
Hubbie went to his meeting at Hospice this afternoon and said all went well.At this point they have no idea when he will pass but she said his kidneys were still failing despite the IV's he had at the hospital,and that artery is a ticking time bomb. Possibilities of it rupturing or sending off a killer clot grow greater every day and there is no way to predict when that may happen. So we are back in the stressful waiting game that we found ourselves in last year 10 days later in this same month. Hubbie said they were feeding him ice cream when he left because he had asked for some,but weren't giving him a lot of it because it was almost dinner time. I know this is a difficult time for my hubbie and his brother,join me in lifting them up in prayer if you would,thanks in advance.
After g-son left and we finished our evening chores,daughter fixed supper for us tonight. It was very good,she is going to make someone a really good wife one of these days!!
I did some paperwork while hubbie took a drive with her to check out a noise her brakes were making. I now have all my files switched to 2010 and have all my 2009 receipts organized for tax preparation.
Bernie and Dolly are past needing a haircut,so tonight is the night.Hubbie and I started grooming them ourselves to save money and also they always acted traumatized when I picked them up from the groomer.I don't think it was anything the groomer did,I just think they got upset being away from home for a day plus having all that happening to them.
They are pretty good when we groom them and are cooperative and it takes less than 2 hours to do them both including bathing. Here they are after we finished cutting their hair waiting for their bath. Bernie loves soaking in the warm water and he lays just like he is laying now with his head just out of the water. I put Aveeno moisturizing baby shampoo in the water to make it feel good to their skin and help keep their skin from drying out in the cold winter air. They are such sweeties,right now while I write this they are both on the couch wrapped up in blankets sound asleep. They will be making quicker trips outside until their hair grows back out some!This is the beautiful sunset this evening after a beautiful sunny day with temperature at 42 and just a light wind. Tonight it is cold again,at 10:30 it is 26 and by morning it will be 18 with wind.At least we are not supposed to get any more snow like some of our northern neighbors are getting already tonight. Hoping to get an early start on my housework tomorrow so I can start on taxes,oh joy!!!
Yesterday in church we sang Jesus Loves Me and it made me think back to when I had some health problems a couple years ago.I would be sick with worry and to relieve my mind from the worry I would sing Jesus Loves Me to myself over and over until I felt a peaceful wave come over me and I would be reminded that Jesus was with me as He always is.
Good Night and God Bless.


Anonymous said...

I am thankful that the Hospice meeting went smoothly. Praying for each of you during these difficult days.
Bernie and Dolly sure are sweet. I bet they really looked cozy wrapped up in their blankets after their bath.
We are having strong winds this morning and it is cold.
Sometimes, it is the old, childhood songs with the simple words that comfort us the most. God bless you all.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, I've enjoyed catching up with your blog posts. We now have all of the snow here--about 8 inches and still snowing.

It's too bad what your family has had to go through with your FIL...Glad you finally got it worked out. At Hospice, they will take good care of him.

Loved your Valentine's Day picture... The colors are gorgeous.