Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Decided to wait for a couple hours before getting out on my deliveries this morning to let the sun melt some of the ice. I haven't been out since last Thursday so I have no idea just how good or bad the roads are. School started at 10:00 so that is when I headed out. Made all my deliveries,in a couple of places I held my breath and hoped I didn't get stuck in the snow,most people hadn't had their drives cleared and had just been driving on the snow. It was surprising in some places to see the huge amount of snow piled up on the sides of the road,we're going to have snow around for a loooooong time. In most places you would be in trouble if you needed to pull off the road. With the temperatures like they are predicted to be for the next 10 days this dirty snow will hang around for a while. I noticed in Walmart's parking lot they were actually loading snow in dump trucks and hauling it to a far corner of their property,that must be very expensive snow removal!!! The snow on the mountain tops is still so pretty as I drove home I had to make this picture to compare with other season's. This is one of my favorite places to photograph from the road because there is nothing to obstruct the view of the mountain.
I got home about lunch time and #1 son brought g-son over to stay a while as he needed to do some things. We spent some time trying to locate some hay to buy for our cattle,#1 son finally found some on the other side of the county,he and #2 son are going to get a load tomorrow.Hopefully it will be better hay than what we bought before. it has been a very nice day today 46 degrees and sunny,but changes are coming as we are already under a winter storm watch starting tomorrow night. They are predicting snow then ice so watch out!!
All the family went to Cracker Barrel for supper tonight,it is my favorite place to go when I do go out to eat,which isn't often, but tonight was very nice. The kids got hubbie and I a gift card from there for our anniversary in December and with all the bad weather we hadn't got to use it yet so tonight was a good night. Actually a perfect night, it wasn't so crowded, all the kids were able to go,and the food was really good. I had my favorite grilled cat fish,mmmmmmm. There was enough left over to have for lunch tomorrow,yea!!!
When we got home the sky was so clear, I could see the big and little dippers just plain as I have ever saw them. Isn't it amazing how the stars form constellations and I've always wondered why God placed them just so in the sky because you know He has a reason for the placement, just wondering???????? This is almost exactly what they looked like tonight as I gazed up into the sky while waiting for hubbie to fumble with his keys and unlock the door,we forgot to leave the porch light on!! I don't know much about other star formations but these were unmistakable tonight. Wish I had a camera that would take pictures in the dark. I caught up on January paperwork tonight as well as payed bills and made a to do list for tomorrow in town. Guess we better get stocked back up for another round of winter.
Thoughtfully thanking God tonight for my wonderful family,I couldn't help but feel so proud tonight at dinner looking around at my family, I am so blessed and am very humbly grateful to God for blessing me with them. Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh--the snow on your mountains is gorgeous. I hope you don't get too much ICE this weekend. We are only predicted to get RAIN.

I love Cracker Barrel also. George usually gets either Chicken Fried Chicken or Chicken and Dumplings... I get meat loaf... YUM!!!!

My youngest son has always loved studying the sky. He has a big telescope. I have learned so much from him..

Have a great day --and be careful if you have to get out in the 'slush'...