Sunday, February 28, 2010


PAT,PAT,PAT, Oh that's just me patting myself on the back. Today is the last day in February which in my world is designated "tax month" and even with all the interruptions this month has held, daughters,#2 sons and our taxes are ready for copying and signatures!! Another accomplishment that wasn't easy to come by with the hospitalization and death of father-in-law. But it's done,pat,pat!!!!!
March goals of organizing my sewing shop and getting a new blackberry and raspberry patch started are going to require some participation from the weather I think. I have no heat in my sewing shop and I can't very well sit things out in the snow! So we'll see how it goes,this first week sounds like it's already a snow-out!
Today has been a day of much needed rest for me,I'm battling this cold and didn't sleep well again last night so I stayed in bed until 10:30 this morning just resting. I don't think anyone would have appreciated me coming to church today all red nosed and red eyed,sneezing and coughing. Hubbie and daughter went to teach Sunday school and they came home as hubbie's not feeling well either.I think some sunshine vitamin D is needed. When they came home I had lunch already started and was peeling apples for a baked apple dessert. #2 son is on his way back from Savannah,Ga.where he has been on a fishing trip with some friends since Thursday,they didn't catch any fish and he said he would be late getting home. It will just be #1 son and d-in-love,g-son and daughter for lunch.
Today is a cloudy dreary looking 40 degree day,good for me to stay inside out of the weather for a day. Hubbie and bro-in-law went over to the old house to finish painting the ceilings this afternoon. Daughter went to a dog sitting job for the week and I was left alone,ahhhhh.
The news from Chile is that over 700 people were killed in yesterday's earthquake and they are thinking that number will rise,so sad. It is a scary thought to think about 2 earthquakes in 2 months?????? This month of February has been a record breaker in a lot of places,in New York it is the snowiest month on record with 36.9 inches. Around here I don't know if it has broke records but I know it has been many years since we have seen anything like the weather we've had,snow,ice,flooding,high winds, not your typical sunny south weather for sure! Here are some memories........Snowy icy roads claimed many victims,the vehicle repair shops got a boost of business during this month and snowplows became an almost everyday sight. God has a plan for all His children,invite Him into your heart so your included.Good Night and God Bless.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you had a little rest on Sunday and I hope you soon will feel better. That's wonderful about you getting the taxes prepared. Don't you love having that burden off your mind???

Far Side of Fifty said...

I have taxes on this weeks list..I HATE doing it. You did great!! I hope you are feeling better. It looks and sounds like you have had a Minnesota kinda winter..a least you guys have a snowplow!!
I was just catching up with you..I am sorry about your Father In law..heaven is a great sounds like he was very lonely after his wifes death. It must be hard for your husband to go through two deaths so close together:(