Friday, February 26, 2010


BRRRR!!!! Another windy cold winter day. Slept well last night,don't know if it was the Nyquil or just being dog tired. My cold is still hanging on,my nose is totally untouchable today from all the blowing I did yesterday,I'm glad I have no where to go today. I baked cakes all morning which helped warm the house up nicely. I have 2 orders for tomorrow,maybe customers will brave the cold winds to come out.
After lunch I continued to sort through all the things we brought home from in laws house.This old tin was filled with trims and ribbons used in her sewing supplies.It is very heavy and I was delighted when I opened it and found this painting on the underside of the lid. There is no markings anywhere on the tin,I would love to know the significance of the painting! I love vintage things and the surprises they contain sometimes. I found another interesting tin but the pictures I took were all blurry and I'm to lazy tonight to retake them so that will be another days topic!
This "How to make Draperies" book was from 1934 and this is a pair of vintage wooden shoe stretchers. I was able to find both these items on e-bay and they weren't worth that much.It always amazes me that you can find anything you have on e-bay. I looked for the tin above for a while but with no markings it will take a while to look through all the tins to see if there is one on there. These lamps were an after thought on my part,they were in the donate pile and the thought hit me about the lamp I sold at a garage sale after my mother died that I have always wished I had kept,so these 2 became mine,I'll say one thing they are different and will make good conversation pieces! One is carved wood and the other brass,both have unique shades.
I finished my afternoon bagging my Avon orders and stamping the books. I have less than $300 to go to meet the goal for the set earning percentage and I have 2 more campaigns to get it.I'll put it in God's hands! Out in the cold to do chores and then to finish work at church made my nose even redder tonight,I sure look like Rudolph tonight. I iced,wrapped and labeled all my cakes tonight,finishing about 10:30. Listening to the news about the 7th snow storm in the northeast,guess I'll stop complaining about our weather!!! Some places have 30" of snow and there are millions of homes without power. And there is another storm coming even for us next week!
God has a reason for all this weather as well as all else that goes on,if He brings us to it He will get us through it!!!! Good Night and God Bless.


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of the treasures you brought home. I love the painting on the tin especially. Best wishes with your cake sales and the Avon too. I sure hope you begin to feel better soon. Vaseline is a great healer for your red, sore nose. Take care Marilyn.

Deborah said...

I love the antiques! I should be at my antique booth today, but I'm just hanging around and resting today!!!
Have a nice weekend!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

What neat treasures, Marilyn. I'm sure you will enjoy all of them.

Hope your cold is better. That's no fun!!!!

Take care and get WELL.