Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Hallelujah there is no snow on the ground this morning!!!!!Meeting with our lawyer early this morning went exceptionally well,learned surprisingly good news. I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel coming into view!! Delivered the cake order and did a little grocery shopping before it was time to pick g-son up from pre-school.Went by the old house and helped sis-in-law load her car with donation items to drop off on her way to pick up her niece from her pre-school. G-son and I came home ate lunch and I dug out some more papers to take to the lawyers office. After a couple phone calls we headed back to town to deliver the papers,g-son went to sleep in the van.
After carrying him in and getting him settled on the couch I started yesterday's laundry chores.Between loads I carried boxes in out of the truck and began cleaning and putting away all the things we brought home from the old house. As I climbed the steps to the porch carrying a box with a large pressure canner in it something caught in my back,I couldn't get my breath or move for a minute or so. This has happened before but this time it sure hurt worse. Still as I type this tonight about 7 hours later I can't get a deep breath without a stabbing pain in my middle right back,uuuhhh!!!!!! I hate this aging process!!!!!!!
I still worked some this afternoon,just carried lighter loads and went slower. After supper I took a break and watched American Idol on TV while I layed on the couch with a pillow rolled up against my back for pressure. My goal was to rest only a short time then hit the paperwork.One look at my desk which has been untouched since father-in-laws death last Thursday except for actually a few more additional papers and my painful back said ,pleaseeee nooo!!!!
So I'm putting off even my weekly paperwork until the morning in hopes that sleeping on a heating pad tonight will ease my back and a good nights sleep will clear my head of today's figures so I can start tomorrow with a new series of crunching numbers. Anyway I still have 4 days left in tax month!!!
Today's weather has once again defied the weather forecasters with only a few blowing snow flurries with some sunshine,but the temperature has been in the mid 30's. Tonight at 10:45 it is 26 with a whipping wind, a good night for the heating pad!!
Tonight please join me in praying for my family,that God would give us the comfort and peace that we so much need at this time,Lord help us understand and forgive in ways only You can provide,Lord I pray this especially for my children and my niece and nephew.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Mildred said...

Stress is taking a toll on your body. Those catches in the back can be so painful. If you can handle Aleve (naproxen), it is wonderful for pain. I'm very thankful that the meeting with the lawyer went well. I will pray for your children and niece/nephew. I know the next few months will be difficult for all of you; may God give you peace and strength during this time. Take care of yourself Marilyn; let others help you during this time.