Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Re-filled all the bird feeders while I was outside doing morning chores today,brrrrr!! Cold morning again brings many little birdies flocking to the feeders,they are getting braver,some even coming to the feeders as soon as I moved on to another one. It's funny how they stay hidden in the trees until I go out there with the seed,once I'm back inside it is like a fluttering sea of flapping wings out there where only minutes before there was empty silence.
After exercises and breakfast,I did some paperwork so I could go to the bank while I was up town picking up g-son from pre-school. We went to a couple of discount grocery stores up town after I picked him up.At one of the stores there has always been this horse outside,I've never seen any kids riding on it, so I didn't think it even worked. G-son had to try it out and I didn't have a problem with that since it only cost 25 cents.And let me tell you that smile was well worth that 25 cents and I was impressed at the long ride he got. What simple pleasures bring so much happiness to our small children if we take the time to indulge with them.
That is one thing g-son has done for me,before he came along I was always hurrying and never stopped to "smell the flowers" as the old saying goes. Now with g-son I routinely stop to "smell the flowers" and just like this morning outside this store in the blazing cold wind I was once again rewarded by his ear to ear smile as this horse came to life and gave him a long and active ride.
After one more stop we headed home for lunch,he almost went to sleep before we got here. After we ate he got cozy in his favorite chair to watch TV and it didn't take long for nap time to catch him. I did paperwork and worked on #2 sons and daughters taxes while he slept.
Hubbie came home just as he was waking up and he wanted to go to the barn but it was too cold for him outside,he went down to daughters instead and watched as she got ready for a dinner date tonight.Bernie and Dolly went outside and I let them in the back door and by the time I got into the living room this is how I found them,tell me it's not cold outside!!!!!Don't forget to support your local Girl Scouts,we did our part,yummm.
Finished #2 sons and daughters taxes,that only leaves ours,maybe tomorrow?????? They were happy with their refunds thanks to the new Making Work Pay credit.
F-i-l is failing fast,oxygen level down to 80% tonight,prognosis is now days instead of weeks like they said Sunday.
#2 son came up and traded haircuts with hubbie tonight,he has a fishing trip planned to Savanna,Ga next weekend,hopefully he'll get to go!
Listening to the wind howling outside,it is 25 degrees but the windchill is near 0 ,I guess I missed the forecast that said we'd have this high wind tonight.
Praying for God's comfort and peace as our family waits for the passing of f-i-l. Give us the strength and grace to move forward. Good Night and God Bless.


Mildred said...

Your grandson looks absolutely delighted with his horsey ride. What a cutie he is! Your little dogs are precious too. We were slightly warmer yesterday and the wind wasn't quite as strong thankfully.
Continuing to remember all of you during these difficult days. May God bless each of you.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, It finally warmed up some here today --above freezing, and the sun came out. Hopefully, you'll get some of this tomorrow.

Your grandson is a cutie. Love seeing the smile on his face when he's riding the horsie..Cute!!!!

I'm keeping all of you in my prayers.