Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Waken by a phone call from fa-in-law's doctor with bad news. She said he was back in delirium this morning,and was getting pneumonia from aspirating even his saliva. She said the ultra-sound on his arteries was very bad because not only was his only open artery now 80+% blocked but it had an ulcer in it that was breaking up and throwing clots,soooooo,needless to say her prognosis wasn't good. He is being transfered to a re-hab facility so he will get more attention and then the rest will be up to him. She said his body was strong but his will at this time didn't match.
The sun is shining,it is blowing snow and the wind is howling this morning. G-son finally got to go back to pre-school today,#1 son is going to pick him up because has no work to do in this wind. It is almost lunch,I usually do all my blogging at night but this morning after chores,breakfast and exercise,I think I'll wait until after lunch to start any tax work,UHHHH!!!!!
G-son came after lunch and is in a super mood today. Saw 2 new birds at the feeders today. This iridescent feathered Starling I have seen before but can't remember getting a good picture of him. I first thought it was a crow until I saw the long yellow bill and the short tail feathers. But I am stumped on the identity of this brown bird,with his defined lines of color change,when I first saw it I thought it was a Robin but in all the pictures I see Robins have yellow bills and this fellow has a dark bill and no white striping around his eyes.I spent quite a lot of time searching on the net for his identity with no luck. So if any of you bird watchers out there have a clue or just a guess please chime right in. Thanks!
We are having a very windy day and trees are blowing down all around,I just keep praying we'll keep our electric. G-son really gets worn out at pre-school,he is sleeping so soundly this afternoon the dogs barking doesn't even make him wiggle.The afternoon sun even in his face didn't bother him today!
I payed bills while he slept and made some phone calls. The hospital didn't transfer fa-in-law today, that will be tomorrow if he makes it through the night. Hubbie and his brother went alone tonight to see him,my throat is a little scratchy and with the wind blowing as hard as it is someone needs to be here. When I went out to do the chores this evening I was surprised by hard the ground was already frozen and the remaining snow was very slick and frozen. The high temperature today has been 30 degrees with the chill factor in the single digits,brrrr!
Tonight the wind is really whipping harder than it has all day,trees are falling. I pray no one gets hurt in this wind storm.Some of the surrounding counties have blizzard warnings. But so far snow fall here has been very light,let's hope it stays that way!
I am watching the Carolina/Duke basketball game but decided I had better finish this post and publish it before we loose our power. Update on fa-in-law is not good,he can't even talk plainly tonight and is doing very poorly, hasn't eaten and had to have oxygen to ease his breathing struggles tonight.Doesn't look good at all.
Well it is 10:45.the lights are flickering,it is 24 degrees,chill factor near 0, so I'm going to publish this and hopefully finish the ballgame. God is in control!!!!! Good Night and God Bless.


Anonymous said...

Your FIL's condition sounds very much like my dad's toward the end of his life. I know this is a difficult time for all of you. May God bless and comfort each of you.
Your grandson is precious so sound asleep. What a blessing to have him closeby.
I hope you did not lose power and that the wind/trees have not done damage to your property.
You said your throat is scratchy. You try to take care and feel better soon.
Praying for each of you Marilyn.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Your bird looks like a female Towhee (in winter--when the colors are not very bright)..

Sorry about your FIL... It doesn't sound good, does it? My prayers are with all of you. Why is it that when people GO to the hospital to get WELL, they catch pneumonia?????? GADS! I'm so very sorry.

We are hoping to see some sunshine today--for the first day since Jan. 31. We still have quite a bit of snow also--and the temp this morning is in the low 20's....

Have a great day--and stay warm and SAFE.