Sunday, February 14, 2010


Another gloomy weather day, but it felt so nice to be in church this morning and for the time I was there at least it gave me a sense of normalcy that is very much missing from my life at home right now. After a rushed lunch with only #2 son in attendance,#1 son came and picked up hubbie and went with him up to the hospital to meet with Hospice about f-i-l. #2 son needed to go to Sam's Club,so he and I took his jeep and went to get some supplies for this weeks storm,haha. We had to get creative to get all our groceries into his jeep,but we did it with a couple things in my lap. We stopped by his house first,unloaded his things and went through some of his tax receipts,so I can get started on his taxes this week hopefully. While there hubbie called to say after a struggle between the new doctor and the hospice representative f-i-l was being moved to the local hospice center. Hubbie was upset because, #1(when they got there f-i-l was laying in a mess that needed to be cleaned up,#2(the new doctor knew nothing nor cared that he had been in the hospital for 5 days prior to his move to the re-hab center where this doctor took over,to them he had only been in the hospital since Friday,#3( the new doctor demanded that f-i-l be told what was going on and in front of witness's he had to agree. Luckily our pastor was also there and when f-i-l was asked if he wanted to go to Hospice he said yes, although other questions were answered with mindless answers. Unbelievable how a very stressful situation can be made so much worse! Thankfully it was finally resolved with all parties agreeing Hospice was the best place.
Daughter got in from her snowy weekend at the beach,D-in-love came over for supper,hubbie went out to see his dad once he got settled in to his room at Elizabeth House.
G-son is spending the night here tonight in case the weather gets bad and #1 son has to take d-in-love to work early in the morning. He played downstairs with his aunt T most of the evening. When hubbie came home we watched a little TV and then headed for bed.
Wonder what the morning will bring????? It is still 34 degrees at 11:30 but it is suppose to start snowing around midnight. We are just enjoying g-son right now and relaxing.
Thankful to the Lord for working things out and giving everyone peace with the difficult decision that was made today. Praying now that He take f-i-l in His hands and His will be done. Praying for strength for hubbie and his brother as they still look forward to a meeting tomorrow with the doctor from Hospice that will do their evaluation tomorrow.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning, What a beautiful, peaceful photo on your header today. I continue to pray not only for your FIL and your family but for the doctors involved in making decisions on behalf of your FIL. I am very thankful that your Pastor was there yesterday. I hope your weather won't be so bad this time around.