Sunday, February 21, 2010


Church this morning was inspirational and I have such a caring church family I feel so blessed. We had our regular family lunch after church with all 4 kids and g-son. Hubbie and I went to tie up some loose ends this afternoon before going to bro-in-laws to have supper from all the donated food,it's always so nice for both our families to get together. Daughter was the only one missing tonight as she has a dog sitting job. Talked to one of my brothers tonight,he just got back from 3 weeks in Australia where his wife is from,they went to see her mother and brother. He sounded like he really enjoyed it and said it was awesomely beautiful over there. This was the first time he ever flew in an airplane and he said he didn't much like that part.He said it actually took them 36 hours from the time they left Brisbane to get home with the extended lay-overs at the airports they flew into.
All is well so for with the family handling f-i-l's death,I'll sure be glad as will everyone else when this time tomorrow night gets here. Again,thanks for your prayers out there in blogger land! I know God will give us strength to get through tomorrow as he does every other day. Good Night and God Bless.

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