Thursday, February 4, 2010


After breakfast, exercise and meeting up with #1 son to give him a check to pay for the hay they are going after I headed to town to run my errands.It looks like it could start snowing or something any minute and as I went through my stops it seemed to get colder each time I got out of the van. Did a bad thing,I got hungry as it is after lunch time,instead of taking time to get a sandwich or something I bought a bag of sun chips at the grocery store and ate almost the whole bag on the way home, then I had picked up some interesting looking frozen chocolate covered strawberries at Go Grocery Outlet,I have never seen these before so of course I had to try some when I got all the groceries put away and wouldn't you know it while I read today's paper I ate the whole box,oh my.
They brought the hay in and just left it on the trailer until we can move things around and get it in the barn,it was easier to cover up on the trailer. That's another $180 that we didn't plan on spending,uhhh!!! The cattle haven't left the upper pasture all week ,tonight we shut the gate back because we are under a flash flood watch. Winter storm warning and flash flood watch,interesting weather we're having!
This is the picture I took the other day that made me wish for a telephoto lens so I could see this bird as he searched around and around this tree continuously pecking. I have tentatively identified him as a Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker.This is one I have never seen at the feeders so until I can get a better close up of him I guess that will have to stand. This is another little photo dodger cleverly keeping his face hid behind the feeder,but by the markings on his wings and belly and his size I think this is a Wood Thrush,he is also a new comer to the feeders. I refilled all the feeders tonight while I was outside,helping the little birdies get ready for the winter weather of tonight and tomorrow. We have about 2" of snow on the ground now at 11 and are having a break .The weather predictions are still calling for it to turn to freezing rain later,uhhh!! There's no telling what we'll wake up to in the morning. Temperature is hanging out at 33 degrees. We watched the Tarheels drop another game tonight,at least they made a game of this one. I've been chilled all evening,so I'm hoping a hot bath will warm and relax me for a good nights sleep.
I love God and God loves me, God loves you too. Good Night and God Bless.


Anonymous said...

You are definitely having some unusual weather. I imagine you will have a lot of visitors to the bird feeders this weekend. Those chocolate strawberries sound heavenly. Stay safe and warm and I love it when you share pics of the snow and your bird visitors!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well it's almost 12:30 your time... How much do you have???? I pray that it's JUST snow and no ICE. Blog friend, Ginny, in Virginia, said that they could get up to to 2 feet of snow. Yipes... That is scary!

We have rain-rain-rain--but luckily no ice.

Thinking about you all and hoping that you are okay.