Friday, February 19, 2010


We got a lesson today in the importance of your name. As we met with the funeral director this morning to tie up loose ends,thankfully hubbie's mom and dad had already made their own arrangements and it was so nice believe me. I've been on both sides of this as my parents didn't have prearranged funeral arrangements and I'm here to tell you you can save your children a lot of trouble by making arrangements ahead of time. Hubbie and I intend on doing just that as soon as we can financially afford to. Anyway back to the name game, hubbie's father didn't like his name so he had it changed to an initial name,JB and this is how he was known,all his business was in this name,banks,property deeds,SS, veterans,everything, but we found out today that the state won't issue a death certificate in initials without the original legal documents where he had his name changed.And that's not all, somewhere along the way early in their marriage they decided to add an e to the end of their last name with no documentation,so now his birth certificate and social security card don't match the name on any of his business, banks,deed,etc.SOOOOOOOO needless to say all 4 of us spent the day searching through papers,we did find the documents where he changed his name officially to JB,but there is no papers to explain the added e. At least this has occupied our minds for today,as we have an extra day to wait for the funeral because the funeral home was booked all weekend already and we had to push ours into Monday.
We found some interesting things in our search today anyway, some old,some just interesting!!
G-son stayed with us this afternoon after we picked him up from pre-school,he took a long nap and then was very good while we worked.
After we got home and g-son went home,we snacked for supper then went to finish work at church. Hubbie doesn't feel well tonight and went to bed early. Daughter was finishing her baking when I got home so I iced my caramel,chocolate and coconut layer cakes tonight. It's hard to get back in the swing of things after almost a month of no market. The weather is suppose to be really nice tomorrow so maybe it will be a good market day. My back hurts after icing just the few cakes I have for tomorrow,makes me wonder how in the world I do 3 and 4 times this many during the height of my season!!
Today has been a beautiful day with temperatures in the upper 40's and sunny,it makes the snow of last week seem like a distant memory until you look around at all the piles that are still hanging around.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow---things we never think about!!! I'm sorry that it has been so tough on you all trying to get arrangements made. Hopefully you will get everything worked out soon.

Do you only make cakes when ordered---or do you make them and sell them over the counter??? My mother was a baker --but I didn't get that talent from her. Bet you are a wonderful cook. I certainly love to eat though!!! ha

God Bless You and your family.