Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Thank goodness I woke to liquid rain falling this morning.At about 7:00 I heard a loud noise and realized it was snow sliding off the metal roof.I looked at the temperature and it was 33 degrees,how close is that! I saw no ice on the trees or anything and that is a welcome relief.
After breakfast and exercise I started the laundry and housecleaning chores for today. It continued to mist rain most of the day,a good day for inside housework. Daughter came by for lunch,since there are no students at school today everyone leaves for lunch,she is dog-sitting for the week so I won't get to see much of her. I refilled all the bird feeders this evening and noticed a plastic shield missing from one of the squirrel feeders,I looked all around but couldn't find it,maybe it's under the snow. The mixture I was putting in it has whole peanuts in the shells in it and I noticed before the snow storm that the squirrels where pulling the plastic up and reaching in to pick the peanuts out,I guess they pushed the shield up to far and it fell out of the groove.After a supper of Sunday's leftovers I hit the couch with my aching back from cleaning all the floors.I watched the auditions for American Idol,then the news. I'm glad to hear them down playing the storm that's coming Friday.But who knows if that's good or bad??? These photos brought to mind a poem I had heard a long time ago and I looked it up with the words I could remember and found that it is by Andrew Wilkinson,it is a love poem but the first 3 lines just stuck in my head and these pictures fit perfectly.

Seasons come and seasons go,summer turns into
Autumn and on into winter's bitter snow,the turning
Of life's season's for every thing there is a sweet reason.

Isn't it wonderful to know that God is in control of all our life's season's and the changes that come with them.Today ends with clouds thinning just enough to get a glimpse of light from the setting sun.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Yes---God is in control and I really do love all of the seasons. I even love winter --with all of the ice/snow/dreariness... I enjoy colder weather much more than I like the heat and humidity in summer. BUT--we get it ALL--so that is a good thing I guess. It's VARIETY.....

Cute pictures.