Friday, February 5, 2010


Woke to a real mess this morning,overnight it snowed then started raining and freezing on everything. At least we still have power but at 8:00 it didn't look promising that we would keep it. These are some pictures I took around our farm this morning.Those blurred spots on the pictures are rain drops on my lens,sorry!Click on the pictures to get the full effect of the ice. Muscadine grape vines encased in a layer of ice.
The power lines were also getting their share of an icy coating. The big Curly Willow tree in our back yard always looses limbs in an ice storm,I'm glad we trimmed all the limbs that could fall on our new sunroom.Nature has it's ups and downs and this winter so far we've seen a lot of downs,but even in the worse case scenarios beauty can still be found.I thought the picture of ice covered pine needles where a pretty sight on this dreary morning. And the hammock left outside was a definite conversation piece today.
However some of our neighbors down the road were probably hard pressed to find anything pretty about today's ice storm. I prayed for all the firemen and power workers all day today,as I listened to a steady stream of calls for help come through. Many folks will be facing expensive clean-up projects after this. It finally stopped raining this evening about 6:30,the temperature has stayed about 35 degrees all day. The weatherman tonight said we dodged a major snowstorm by about 3 degrees,whew!!
I'm not complaining,at least we aren't buried under 2 feet of snow like some folks north of us. My back yard is a littered mess and this evening the creek was on the very brink of flooding but we're very lucky and I thank God for sparing us.
Even in this nasty weather there was plenty of activity at the feeders today,bless their hearts they need to eat rain,snow,ice or whatever. But they really didn't look as though they even noticed the cold rain that fell all day. I spilled some seed yesterday while filling the feeders and a little squirrel was happy to clean it up for me,thanks cutie!! Most bird watchers don't like squirrels and I get aggravated at them at times,as they can damage feeders and their weight can knock some down,but I feel they deserve to eat also as sometimes all God's creatures need a little handout. Anyway just look at those big ole brown eyes and try to dislike him!!!!
Hubbie and I napped in the recliners this afternoon,something I never ever do, because there just wasn't any thing else to do on this nasty day so I'm hoping I can sleep tonight.Daughter called and she still has power at the house she is sitting at so we won't need to go help her. #2 son came by and had supper with us,he had a nasty,wet day dodging falling limbs delivering mail. A friend called from Ocala,Fl. tonight to check on me,she said it had really rained hard down there all day and now was turning cold. What a winter!!!!!
God is good all the time,we just have to trust Him! Good Night and God Bless.


Hi, I'm Amy! said...

That is one chubby little squirrel! I feel the same way about them... I think they deserve a nice snack too :)

Mildred said...

Very pretty pictures and so thankful you did not have damage from the ice/snow. That squirrel is cute as can be - I believe he is finding lots of snacks judging from his tummy! Yesterday here was very rainy and windy and the warmth of my recliner felt good too! Blessings to you and yours this weekend.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow---what a storm... I'm sorry about all of the broken limbs and trees--but I'm glad you all are okay. Love your pictures... That one with the ice on the pine reminds me of one of our pictures which I took last week during our storm.

We have a little more snow here this morning--just a dusting but pretty.

Stay DRY and WARM --and be careful.