Saturday, February 6, 2010


This will be a busy Saturday,Market is closed today,but we have a full day planned. After breakfast we headed to church to catch up on work there. Less than 70 people made it to church last Sunday,hoping tomorrow will be a full house! A power surge had triggered the lights,which were on when we got there and wouldn't turn off when we left.I called pastor and he told me which buttons to push on the computer panel to get them back working by the switches. The power must have been off at church yesterday or last night and when it came back on,the surge caused the problem. Several years ago lightning struck our church and damaged the entire electrical system,so when things go wrong it always makes me nervous.
It was almost lunchtime when we finished and there was a new Goodwill store we had been wanting to check out so we drove across the mountain (as we call it) into the next county.On the way, all the mountain tops were covered with Rime Ice. When I looked up the spelling of Rime,I also learned that this is Hard Rime ice which is formed by freezing fog, as you can see the fog still lifting in one picture. There is also a Soft Rime Ice and Hoar Frost,which I thought were the same thing,just called different names in different parts of the country,but they really are different types of frosty ice formed by different things.
We had a successful Goodwill trip as we both had an arm load when we finished,hubbie found a new deep sea fishing reel,I found several books I want to read when time allows and a pocket album to hold my coupons! I saw a news special the other day about a professional couponer and she said if you carry your coupons in a envelope in your purse (that's me) you won't use them because it's to much trouble to fumble through to see what you have (that's definitely me). If you have your coupons organized by product in clear pockets so you can see them at a glance you save more money. She said the book she had cost about $5,well mine cost $1 today at Goodwill. I was totally surprised by my find,how many times do you go looking in a thrift store for a certain thing and find something perfect!I was so excited as soon as I got home I organized my coupons,drinks,vegetables,breads,desserts,etc, now have their own pages,easy to see. I can see how this will work so much better,you just have to remember to take the book in the store with you!!!
On our way home we ate at Wendy's,hubbie likes their chili.
Both boys are around this afternoon so we got them to help unload the hay and get it in the barn. These rolls are the biggest rolls we have ever had so they are not easily moved around. The girls had to have a sample of the new hay and it looks like it met their approval. They have stayed in the barn for over a week now,I think we have fair weather cattle!!! Hopefully they'll get some warm sunshine on their backs tomorrow.
We finished the chores and I made some homemade Broccoli soup for supper,mmmm,it was so good,I'll have to do this more often. Hubbie said "this sure taste better than broccoli soup out of the can!" I used a packaged soup starter with 2 cups of milk,2 tablespoons of margarine and it said 2 cups of fresh broccoli,but I probably used 4 cups,as I wanted my soup thick. It only took about 20 minutes to make and it was delicious.
Kids are all playing cards tonight,I would have liked to join but I am tuckered out tonight and I still need to wash away my gray hairs tonight. So I'm going to rest awhile and then do the hair thing!! Hubbie is watching the first race of the season,he is a huge racing fan.
Looking forward to a God filled Sunday with my church family. Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Glad you didn't get too much ice/snow this time. We didn't either --although it flurried all day long, and is cold here.

Thanks for explaining Rime Ice and Hoar Frost.. I have heard of Hoar Frost--but hadn't heard of Rime Ice. Very interesting..

I used a Coupon Organizer---and it helps tremendously...

Hope you have a good Sunday..