Monday, February 8, 2010


Here are some more ice storm pictures from our area from last Friday's Ice Storm.Click on the pics to get a better view.Hopefully this ice won't hurt the apple trees,looks like it might help with the pruning! These pictures were made on Sugarloaf Mountain. Hubbie's parents were both raised on this mountain and when our kids were smaller we farmed his grandparents farm after his grandfather died. I have some wonderful memories from those days. I never knew my grandparents as my parents were older when they married and all their parents had passed away so it was fun to have a grandmother and I must say this special lady treated me as her granddaughter from the very beginning and for as long as she lived. Her place was magical in a lot of ways for me,it was mountainous,with poor soil and had creeks running all through it. A lot of it was pure undisturbed forest inhabited with wildlife and plants and flowers that are found no where else. I wish hubbie and I could have afforded to have bought it when granny died,but we couldn't. I know from experience that because of it's elevation,winters are more harsh as these pictures truly show. Granny died from natural causes as far as we know. When she got frail everyone wanted her to go get test done to find out what was wrong but she refused. One day she said to me "what good is it gonna do me to find out I have cancer or what ever it is,I'm 85 years old and I'm tired". This made a lot of sense to me and I stopped praying that she live on,I thought that was selfish,I just prayed for her to be pain free so she could enjoy the time she had left and that prayer was answered! Sometimes we want to keep people around so we won't have to suffer the hurt of loosing them,not considering what their quality of life may be.
Today has been a day of waiting,I got up early,put in my calls to the VA and rest homes and then waited for return calls. I sent in an Avon order,played with g-son and waited some more! After 4 hours the lady at the VA called back and said that long term care there was not an option, the rest home we were hoping for called back and I'm still smarting from their pricing, $3500-$4000 a month and they don't take medicare,medicaid or insurance. Wow,who can afford that??????
Haven't heard anything from the doctor so probably no news is good news in this case. We'll be going to the hospital when hubbie gets home from work,he is usually off Mondays but with the weather predictions and his already several weather related missed days he decided to work today. In the meantime I'll just wait!!
I thought I was going to get a nap with g-son this afternoon and I could have really used one today,but g-son got his second wind and he was doubly active for the rest of the day!
#1 son picked him up,we ate a light supper and headed up to the hospital,picked up brother-in-law on the way. Luckily the Doctor was still there when we got there and came in to talk to us. Father-in-law has had a pretty bad stroke,probably either Friday night or Saturday before he went to the emergency Saturday night. Why they did not find it at the Emergency room Saturday night is a mystery????? It is in the front right side of his brain,affecting his comprehension, thinking,and his fine motor skills,such as eating and drinking. He has no drooping and only slight loss of motion in his left arm,they have not tried to get him up to walk yet,he is still in a lot of pain in his back when they move him. He is still saying crazy things and answering questions with the wrong answers but that is going to be normal from now on. They are going to do some more test to check his arteries,one of which we already know is 100% blocked so we are praying the other one is still only mildly to moderately blocked. Then he will start re-hab to get an exact idea how much damage the stroke did. He looks fine and seems satisfied for now. He had a super male nurse tonight,he was so nice and efficient with him,got us coffee and extra chairs. Some people are just cut out for the patient care business and he was one of them.
We left ,dropped bro-in-law off and came home. I am so tired tonight,mentally and physically I just want to get a hot bath and lay my head on the pillow tonight.
Thanking God tonight for intervening in this situation,it had to be God's doing.If the boys hadn't turned over dealing with his nurses at the home to me yesterday and if I hadn't stood my ground and not did what they wanted us to do,forcing them to make arrangements to get him back into the hospital he would have died. I felt God's hand last night as I lay in bed normally I would have been second guessing myself all over the place because that's just me,but not last night,there was no doubt in my mind that I had done the correct thing,I was totally at peace. What a wonderful God we serve. Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

I agree about our wonderful God. I wonder how people can get through the trials of life without God in their lives. I'm so sorry about your FIL.. I hope you can find a place where he can go and be safe and loved and happy. I dread getting old.. I hope and pray that I don't live after my quality of life is gone. It's scary! I also do not want to be a burden on my family.

What a neat relationship you had with hubby's grandmother.. Oh--what you would give to have that property now I'm sure. I'd love it.

Beautiful pictures.


Anonymous said...

Those ice storm photos are amazing. Isn't it amazing when we think back over the course of a day or an event and we so clearly see the hand of God (like with you handling the nursing home on the phone)? I am thankful for now that FIL is content and I pray that God continue to lead you and give you peace about the decisions you make on FIL's behalf.

carolina nana said...

Thanks Mildred and Betsy,I'm so glad I started blogging and met such nice friends like you all. thanks again for the support