Friday, February 12, 2010


Strange morning began the day,made a phone call to fa-in-law's assisted living facility to see if they had done their evaluation. They had, but then it got interesting,he said the emergency room had just called there wanting a phone number for f-i-l's family,but they couldn't find number to give them,1st strange happening????? A call to the emergency room told us he had been transfered back to the hospital from the re-hab center,so hubbie left and went to see what was going on. He was told he now has a new doctor and he had determined because of his respiratory distress that he was in too bad of shape for the re-hab center. This very issue I had pointed out to his regular doctor yesterday,but was assured that was the place he needed to be,2nd strange happening?????? The new doctor said he is going to do more test and wait for 2-3 days before making any decisions. Fa-in-law was given morphine to make him rest,at least he is not in pain.
Daughter and her friend left to head to Myrtle Beach,S.C. to run her marathon she has been training for the last 6 months and it is suppose to snow down there.
I spent part of the morning baking cakes,then looked out as hubbie came home and saw it starting to snow,what???? not here they said!!!!!!,3rd strange happening????
As soon as I got all the cakes out of the ovens we headed to church to finish work up there and it just keeps snowing harder and harder.My snow flowers are blooming again!!! I snapped this picture of hubbie's truck when we came home from church and the snow was continuing to come down at the rate of about an inch an hour.
Oh well after all it is Friday and this is the 5th Friday since December 18th that we have watched the snow pile up. On the news I saw that today 49 of the 50 US states have snow on the ground today,the exception being Hawaii,how about that!!!!!
I'm sure the sentiments displayed here are shared by many tonight.
I decided not to ice the layers I baked this morning,but to save them and ice them for orders as they come in maybe if the snow gets off the roads pretty fast tomorrow I can fill some Valentine orders. This snow isn't going anywhere overnight as it is already 26 degrees at 10:30 but at least it has stopped snowing for the time being anyway.
As the snow fell this afternoon the bird feeders got super busy,I had to refill, there was so much activity.Before it started snowing I caught this pair of House Finches filling their stomachs in preparation for the cold weather. I also spotted a large Mockingbird and a Yellow eyed Grackle at the feeders today but couldn't get photos,I'm sure they will be back.
Daughter called very disappointed as the city of Myrtle Beach had canceled the marathon because they had no snow removal equipment and were expecting 6" of snow by the morning. At least she is staying for free at her friend's aunt's house. I feel for her because I have watched her dedication in her training for this 13K race. I'm sure it would have been treacherous for the runners in this slick snow.
There were many accidents this afternoon as it made the roads around here very very slick. Thankfully all my family made it home safely.
I don't know any of these people but this gives you an idea how bad the roads got at about 5 this evening when everyone was trying to get home.This made for another boring Friday evening in front of the TV,I think I'm getting lazy or spoiled from not working on Friday night anymore! Hubbie called the hospital tonight and they said no change in f-i-l.
Still puzzled at the complete change in plans.
I'm ready for a bath and bed although I'm not the least bit tired,I think I'm just bored! We get maybe tomorrow with sunshine then more snow Sunday,oh boy! I told hubbie tonight I'm glad I started this blog this year because this is going to be a winter to talk about for years.
We just have to remember God knows what He is doing and He has a reason for all this,we may never know it but He knows and that's all that counts! Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, Sorry about the event being cancelled at Myrtle Beach. Can't believe that crazy snow went so far south and then east. Crazy winter...

We didn't get one single flake today--although Knoxville --an hour east of us got some.

I wondered why any doctor was sending your FIL to rehab since he had pneumonia, and is so very sick. That's crazy. That doctor needs to be reported... That was a horrible decision. Glad there is another doctor involved now.

I'm watching the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics tonight --and they are fabulous!!!

Mildred said...

Remembering you and your family members during this time. Praying you all will be safe and that God will give you and the Dr. wisdom in making decisions on behalf of your FIL.