Monday, February 1, 2010


First day of a new month and a day closer to the end of a snowy winter. Schools are closed today and again tomorrow as there is still a lot of ice on the roads and more in the weather predictions for tonight. Slept in a while this morning as I have nothing really to do.After breakfast g-son came and hubbie and I took him outside for a 3rd day of sledding.The snow is really slick now as it melts on top. After that he wanted to walk down into "Bikini Bottoms" as he calls our lower pasture,I think he is watching to much Spongebob. We still haven't let the cattle down there yet so the snow was still petty much as it fell and look at that brilliant blue sky again today. We walked over to the creek and down onto a sandbar, g-son spent almost an hour trying to toss all the rocks back into the water.It made me think of the story of the young man who came upon thousands of starfish laying on the beach struggling to get back into the water,he was picking them up one at a time and tossing them into the sea. A stranger came along asking him what difference he thought he could possibly make because there were so many of them,he couldn't possibly throw all of them back before it was to late. As the young man tossed another starfish into the water,he looked at the stranger and said "it made a difference to that one!!" I think about that story often when I just don't seem to be making a difference or am getting overwhelmed in what I'm doing.
Rocks aren't living things so g-son was just enjoying watching the splash they made.Snowball throwing is a favorite also,he has a very good arm and as much practice as he is getting he should be a good baseball player as his dad and both of his uncles were good baseball players.
It is hard to believe how fast he is growing up and it is so exciting to see his personality coming out. This has been another beautiful winter day,sunny,bright blue sky and 40 degrees.
He finally and thankfully got thirsty and hungry,we came inside,he ate a pancake while I cooked him a personal pizza. With all that energy he needs a lot of fuel. Just one more picture and I'll get on another subject although it is easy to see what my favorite subject is. That smile and those icy blue eyes will melt a lot of hearts when he gets older,but right now they sure melt mine. This has been a relaxing,fun,just doing whatever day. I did get my Avon orders bagged and my books stamped tonight,that was my purpose for today. I'm thinking I may not be selling Avon much longer,my business is just getting so small it's hardly worth the gas and time I'm putting into it right now,I have until the end of March and I'll decide. Use to I always made over $100 per campaign,now I'm lucky to make 1/2 of that before you deduct gas for delivering. There is a level that you have to maintain to get a set commission,I've always promised myself if I ever lost that set commission I would quit selling and that is what I'll know at the end of March. Another beautiful sunset brings this first day of February to a close. I hope the weather predictions for freezing rain and sleet tonight are wrong,everyone needs to get back to work and have a couple normal days before another big snowstorm at the end of the week.
I need to get back on my regular schedule tomorrow morning starting with my exercise tape. I can feel my hips and knees getting stronger after doing these exercises for just a couple weeks.
I'm listening to the news and wondering what in the world those people thought they were doing, to go into Haiti and just take a group of children and try to leave with them. Maybe they did mean to do a good thing,but the way they tried to do it was crazy. When Americans go into other countries and do things like that it cause all our motives to be scrutinized unneccessarily and hinders a lot of good that could be done. It also gives anti-American groups ammunition to drum up support against us.
Okay I'll get off my soapbox now!!!!!
May God take control of this situation and in His name resolve it for all to witness His glory. Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There Marilyn, Hope you didn't get more ice last night... We got lucky --since we only had rain. The temperature was 34--so the rain didn't freeze. WE still have alot of snow around (and ice)--but the roads look pretty good. I think I'll venture out today (first time since Thursday)....

Love seeing the grandson playing in the snow.... Cute!!!