Sunday, January 31, 2010


This was what the road going by our house still looked like this morning.I thought sure they would scrap it over night,but wrong!! No church today,so I took a long peaceful walk this morning with Annie and Sadie.It was hard walking in this snow as there is a hard crust on top,even the dogs were able to walk on top sometimes,but fell through other steps.They tested the ice on some of the flood waters still standing in the bottom. We haven't let the cattle come down into the bottom pasture since it snowed in fear they would step off in deep water that they couldn't see beneath the snow.We had an experience with a cow falling down the snow covered bank into the freezing pond years ago and if we hadn't happened to be there to help her get out,it would have been too bad. At least the water in the creek is back to it's normal level after last weeks flooding.Maybe it's just been awhile since the sky was clear but this morning the sky seems like it is exceptionally blue as I thank God today for all the Blessings he bestows on me everyday. And the beautiful,clear blueness of the sky this morning has to be Heaven sent. We had our regular Sunday lunch with everyone there. G-son came in crying because he wanted to stay outside and play in the snow. After lunch everyone went about their business, #2 son had to make a trip to the store,
daughter has a week long dog-sitting job and left this afternoon while the roads were at their best, #1 son took his machine out to scrape driveways for some of his customers, g-son,pawpaw and me went outside to play in the snow. More sledding,and snowman building,although this is not a good snow for building a snowman,it's to icy and won't stick together,not the greatest looking snowman to say the least. G-son did great sledding by himself on the small hills.
Now on to the task of Frosty,he worked hard rolling and patting to make the snow stick together.I know handsdown which of these Frostys I would choose,g-son is such a clown sometimes and thinks of such funny things to do,such as striking this pose without any encouragement. We let him play in the snow for as long as he wanted this afternoon,the sun was warm with temps around 40,perfect day for playing in the snow. The warm sunshine also caused all the snow to slide off our front roof again. We had our 2nd avalanche of the season.I just hope no people or dogs are ever under this when it decides to slide off. Now again we have huge mounds of snow in the front yard. So far our gutters are okay,we only have the back roof to go now,hopefully those gutters will hold up also.It got cold pretty fast this evening,inside and outside,everyone has left but hubbie and I and the house is strangely empty.I always feel this way when everyone has been around close for a few days.
I guess it will be back to regular routines tomorrow except for me and I'm not going out delivering Avon as planned.I'll wait until the snow melts more, especially in people's driveways. Matter of fact,I picked up my order Thursday and haven't even bagged the orders yet!! At least they worked on our road this afternoon,but all that melting will be black ice in the morning with the 14 degree temperatures and it'll probably get there as it is 24 at 11:30 and it usually drops 10 degrees overnight. Lord watch out for all the people going to work in the morning. I hope it melts fast as now they are calling for another storm this weekend,oh my! I've been trying to plan my week and since they are calling for maybe some freezing rain Tuesday morning,I think I'll put off Avon delivery until Thursday or maybe some on Wednesday. I am rewarding myself with a week off after getting all my house deeply cleaned in January. February is tax month at my house,as I not only do our taxes with our 3 businesses,but also do daughter's and #2 son's. Hopefully getting all of it done before March 1st. March is my outside work month and this year I have a big project planned,cleaning out my sewing shop,believe me that will be a BIG JOB!!! I am also planning to replace my old blackberry patch with different type berries in a new place. My goal was to wake everyday with a purpose in mind for that day and January has been a success. This 1st month of 2010 has been a topsy turvy month,but we have rolled with the waves of the weather and rose to the challenges the Lord layed out before us. I have been able to see past any obstacles to see the Blessings everyday and enjoy them.God helps me everyday to deal with life's hurdles and I work to keep my heart open to Him and not act hastily without His intervention. Now bring on February!!!!!!!! Good Night and God Bless.


Anonymous said...

That truly is a splendid blue sky in your snow photos. So glad that your grandson enjoyed himself. Be careful and I hope the week ahead has many blessings for you and yours.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Thanks for the snow pictures and telling us about your day. We didn't make it to church either---and haven't been out of the house since Thursday. We may venture out tomorrow to run some errands. Schools are still closed --and not much of the snow and ice has melted. I don't think we will get much from this system coming through here tonight. (I hope we don't!) The temperatures are supposed to go up this week--so that should help.

Good Luck with all of the taxes. George worked on ours tonight.

Take care --and don't go out unless you have to.