Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Up early with a purpose for today! After breakfast and exercise I headed outside to do a little road repair. When hubbie scraped our driveway the other day he stopped up all the ditches.So armed with a shovel and a rake for the gravel I was determined to get it fixed,not like last week when there was some work that needed to be done and I payed for putting it off. They are predicting snow but you never know around here what we'll get. Even with the top of the ground frozen I managed to get the job done. It was time to go to the Sav-Mor store before picking up g-son from pre-school. I got some veggies for a good deal but not as much as last week,I always buy USA produce it possible.After all the horror stories of nastiness in some of the foreign counties producing vegetables I'll just wait until I can grow some things. I think you're okay if you are going to cook the vegetables but I'm careful about where what we eat raw comes from. Although some things like bananas and pineapples are just not grown here and I love them. I bought something new today,Plantains, I have never had them,daughter has fried them before and she said they were very good,so I'm in for a new treat tonight (maybe). I read the label on them,it said green plantains were like potatoes,use in soups and stews. yellow with brown spots were good fried or mashed, and black where very sweet and used as dessert. I'm looking forward to tasting these. On the drive home g-son almost went to sleep but made it home and after some lunch his disposition brightened considerably. In his favorite chair with his favorite pillow friend and chocolate milk and pancakes with some goldfish on he side makes for a good cold weather day. We are seeing a little bit of sunshine and the temperature has gotten to 44, but with the breeze blowing and the constant stream of clouds covering the sun,it is pretty cool out there. As I walked through the kitchen I noticed this flock of doves sunning themselves. They are such a peaceful,calm bird and their coloring helps them blend into the dead leaves so well I watched Annie walk by and she never noticed the doves because they became motionless when they saw her coming. Time for g-son to get a little nap.
While he napped I worked on cleaning the downstairs,I got dust everywhere trying to vacuum around the woodstove down there. I got a lot done before hubbie and #1 son came in. Maybe I can get it finished tomorrow,then I'll take a week off before tax work begins.
#1 son took g-son home just before we had company,my cousin Mike came for a visit.
We ate a very late supper, and I fried 2 of my plantains,sprinkled them with sugar and daughter and I ate them. Not something to write home about as they say but they were alright. Tomorrow I'll find a recipe online to try with the other 2,they need more flavor.
Did weekly paperwork and payed bills although I can't mail them until hubbie gets paid,maybe tomorrow! Sitting here now waiting for the President to finish his speech so I can watch the weather to see when they say the snow is going to get here. At least tomorrow is suppose to be really warm and pretty as I've got to run errands in town.
Counting my blessings as I put another day behind me and look forward to what tomorrow may bring. Good Night and God Bless.


Anonymous said...

That's a sweet picture of your grandson. We notice a lot of the doves here too. They are quite comical when they do take off. They always give the appearance they are too heavy to fly!!! I hope the weather won't get too bad - we're keeping tuned in to the forecast also. Hope you have a nice day.

Claudia said...

I love Wes' expression on this picture, he looks so happy and more and more like a big boy. Seems like Preschool has been a wonderful change for him, isn't it?

I try to find grapes from Chile when I go to the store, or lemons, or avocados :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I've never had Plantains before.... Not sure I'll ever get them unless you find a great recipe and love it!!!!

We have Mourning Doves around here also. They love to clean up the ground underneath the feeders!!!!

We just have to have faith in the foods that we eat I guess.

Bad weather is coming here also---just hope it is not ICE.