Sunday, January 24, 2010


Just wanted to jump on here and say I don't know how much longer we'll have internet service.It is raining cats and dogs right now and usually this much rain brings flooding and lost DSL service. If that happens I'll catch up tomorrow. The water is flooding places as I here on the scanner rescuers are getting boats out. God bless us all as this too shall pass. Hopefully will be back later tonight with todays events.
Well it's after midnight now ,we didn't lose our power or internet,it is definetly very flooded and we've had an exciting evening.
As for today we all went to church this morning,had a big spaghetti lunch,had a restful afternoon,listening to the pouring rain. G-son came to stay with us while #1 son and d-in-love went back to their Love Dare class at church tonight. It poured and poured the rain with a couple of lightening and thunder claps mixed in with a tornado warning. When #1 son came to pick up g-son,he said our driveway was washed really bad. So after they left we went to check it out since the rain had slacked for the moment,we found the problem and fixed it but it was like closing the door after the horse is out,as the driveway now has deep ditches cut all in it,but that is minor compared to what some folks have tonight. So here's thanking God for just a bad driveway. There has been trees on houses and all kinds of damage I'm sure with this storm. We kept watching people run into the water that was flooding across the road from the creek and couldn't believe there were no blockades to warn of high water. Finally as the water got higher and higher a car ran into it and was pushed off the road by the currant of the water. #2 son called for the rescue squad to get the people out.
I asked the fireman where the state was with the road blockades, and he pointed and said they just pulled up. So sad for the people that ran into the water,at night it is hard to see this water as it is right out of a curve.If you don't live around here and know this area floods like this,you have no idea what happened until you have water flying over your hood.I thank the Lord that they were able to get the people out and get themselves out without anyone drowning,they left the car in the water to be gotten out when the water goes down. I know the rescuers get really aggravated with people driving into water,but in this case maybe it was truly an accident. I thought this afternoon,it really didn't start raining really hard until almost dark,as it almost always does,and that makes things eerily dangerous in the darkness. As we stood on #2 son's porch and watched this rescue,we heard a huge tree fall into the creek and saw a beaver swimming for his life up the flooded bottom,the sound of the rushing water was almost defining as if sounding a warning. All that remains visible of our fence is a few inches of fence post, I am not looking forward to what we'll find in the morning and the work we'll be facing tomorrow when the waters recede. But like I said we're safe and warm and dry,with our cars parked in our yards,
thank the Lord for that and I know He'll get us threw all the challenges that this creates, that's just how He is.Sorry for the blurry pictures,that's the best my camera will do in the darkness and pouring rain.
Good Night and God Bless.


Claudia said...

I didn't realized it was this bad but yesterday I didn't feel good and slept most of the day - thank to my sweet husband who took care of our boy while big Momma slept - This morning I didn't turn the TV on so I had no clue there was a two hour delay, Nico's preschool follows the county delays so we were surprised by the time we got there and saw no cars.

Half of my driveway is gone, that was my first sign that it was a bad rain.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh My Goodness, Sounds like your flooding was even worse than mine. I blogged about ours today also--but where we live wasn't nearly as bad as some places.

Hope the people in that vehicle which went into the water made it out okay... SCARY....

Today--we are having Snow Flurries. Go Figure!!!! ha