Monday, January 18, 2010


Started out the day with Avon deliveries,at one of my stops the highway patrol had a license check set up. They were on one side of the parking lot,so when I came from the opposite direction I turned in and parked before I got to them,when I looked up there were 3 officers running toward my van. I calmly got out and started getting my avon orders out of the back door, 2 of the men stopped and turned back but 1 came over and ask to see my license. I said I'm just here to make a delivery,he laughed and said that's what a lady who came just before me said but she didn't have a drivers license and was trying to get out of the check. He checked my license and apologized for the aggressive action,I said I understood and he went back to stopping cars on the road. Today I made a delivery to one of my favorite places,Barker House, this is a bed and breakfast,the people that own this are unique in their own right,especially the Mrs. who is a dear friend of mine. This is actually the realization of a dream for her. They bought this old house,moved it,and renovated it to date back to the 50's and before. She spent tons of time shopping for just the right decorative touches and everything is genuine,no replica's, the first time I went in and she showed me around ,I was in awe,it truly was like stepping back in time. Unfortunately with the economy she is going back into nursing to supplement their income. But for me just to live in this house would be great.
On the way to this house I passed another of my favorite places and today their was more water than I have ever seen coming over the dam of Highland Lake. Unbelievably this snow under these trees on the side of the spillway has survived another heavy rain. Daughter's junior prom was held in a nearby facility and they all gathered here for pictures with this waterfall in the background. I finished my deliveries for today about 1:30. Daughter took care of g-son today since she had the day off while hubbie painted outside and I did some more winter cleaning.
God takes care of the little things even when we don't expect it. This afternoon out of the blue I decided to take a walk in our pasture even though I knew it was very wet,my hubbie thought I was crazy. But God had a plan!!! During yesterday's rain and wind a large tree limb blew out of a tree and onto our fence near the road. I called hubbie to come and help fix the fence.He said maybe it's a good thing you followed your intuition and took that walk. I'm just glad the cattle didn't find that hole in the fence today! Just think how wonderful our lives would be if we always followed that little nudge that God gives us from time to time. We finished chores and ate a late supper. Watched Antique Roadshow on TV,I love to see what people bring on the show,they were in Raleigh,NC and had some people from close to our area on tonight. I washed and dusted all my Mrs. Albee Avon awards today and moved them to a different shelf as they have been on a shelf above our bed and I guess that earthquake in Haiti made me think what if we have even a small tremor,these things are heavy and could fall and hit us in the head while we were sleeping.So now they have been replaced with my collection of stuffed animals. My office is now the only room yet to be winter cleaned and believe me it needs it as being the last room,that is where everything that didn't have a place from the other rooms ended up. Hoping to get started on it tomorrow.
This has been a glorious day,almost 60 degrees and not a cloud in the sky,it is 33 degrees at 11:30 tonight. How blessed we are to have a wonderful loving Lord who watches over even our unknown needs. Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, George and I laugh when the radio stations around here REPORT exactly when and where the cops are going to have license checks... Gosh--I cannot understand that. WHY advertise it??? IF you want to catch someone without a license or insurance, make it a surprise... (What are they thinking???)

Neat dam... I'll bet that does make a pretty waterfall... And that old farmhouse is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

Have a great day. God certainly does give us nudges--but we don't always listen!!!