Monday, January 11, 2010

MAJIK BAKER ????????

Will wonders never cease, I have something I cannot find any info about on the internet!!!!!!
This old wood cook stove sat in the basement of dad's house while I grew up.It was piped into the chimney and I can remember him building fires in it to heat the basement while he worked down there but they never cooked on it at least not that I remember! After my mother died and we were cleaning out the house,I wanted this old stove.It is very heavy,has to be moved by tractor,we put it in a shed and it sat there for years and years until I got a smaller dining room table and decided to clean it up and move it into my dining room at the dismay of my husband and sons whose job it would be to move it. They put it onto a small trailer and parked it in the back yard for me to clean up and it did look really bad,all rusted and full of bee nest and spider webs. My sons thought I had lost my mind! To their surprise it looked as good when I finished with it as it did bad before I started working on it. Hubbie built a wooden frame to fit under it to distribute the weight. With the help of 2 more friends,it took 5 grown men (boys) to heave that thing into the house. I talked about maybe moving it once,but from the reaction I got, that will never happen. Anyway I have googled the name and the name of the manufacturer which is etched into the side, BIRMINGHAM STOVE AND RANGE COMPANY,BIRMINGHAM,
ALABAMA. The MAJIK BAKER name on the oven door it seems would make it easy to find.It has 4 cooking eyes and a large water jacket on one side.If anyone has any info about this please let me know,I would love to know how old it is,etc.
Today has been a cool 36 degree day with clouds,it was 9 early this morning.Hubbie worked outside and put up lattice around the new room and started the generators,as this weekend another storm is brewing.
I slept in with a sore throat and stuffy nose. I stayed inside most of the day,just felt yucky.
G-son seemed to like his first day of preschool,he was sure tired when d-in-love brought him here at lunch. He said he painted Fosty the noman(his word) and made a new friend, but I couldn't figure out the name he was saying. After lunch I went to Ingles for a few things and he went to sleep sitting in the buggy! When we got home,he slept on the couch and I put up some pictures and wall decorations in the sunroom.
I woke him up after he slept 2 hours,I think he could have slept all evening. His dad came in to pick him up. I made a bowl of chicken soup for supper,I have not had any appetite all day ,but after I ate the soup and took a short nap my appetite came back and tonight I feel better. I'm going to bed early tonight,hopefully to get a good long night's sleep. I counted 10 just cardinals in my yard this evening,not to mention all the wrens,titmice,chickadees, and even the quails were back today. This seemingly desperate search for food makes me nervous,I learned from my father,if you watch the birds and animals they will help you predict when bad weather is coming. I filled all the feeders yesterday and by this evening they were all empty and the birds were just flocking to them all day. Not quite as cold tonight 19 at 10:30,I keep waiting for this warm up they say we're going to have!
God is good all the time,all the time God is good!!! Good Night and God Bless.

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Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful, old oven! You did a fabulous job restoring it. I have spent about 30 min. researching it and there is just not much about them, is there? You might enjoy this link if you have not already found it:
Ebay has lots of cast iron skillets etc by Birmingham Stove Co. Best wishes with your search and please update us if you find more info.