Saturday, January 23, 2010


Dreary,dreary day, as I looked out the market window at noon into all the fog that was still hanging on,I wondered where the nice morning that the weathermen promised was? Maybe I just couldn't see it through all the fog!!! Slow boring market day.Got acquainted with a new neighbor that was setting up her booth for her first day,she sells homemade doggie treats. Honestly some of them looked good enough to eat and looked like people food. They fooled a lot of passer-bys as we would hear them say "ohhh,look at the pretty cookies"! She is a widow and never had a dog in her life until she lost her husband,now she is in love all over again with her 4-legged partner. That is how she began her business,she worried about all the additives in the food she was buying her dog,so she started making his food herself so she would know what he was eating,so sweet! I do love my 4-legged friends but sorry Bernie and Dolly there isn't enough hours in the day to cook for you too. I'm sure you will start having some of Carols goodies from time to time. Many people came looking for cat treats today,so she is thinking of expanding already. I left market and delivered Avon at a stop I missed last week. When I got everything put away it was relaxing time,a fine mist is falling outside so it was a good afternoon to pile up on the couch and Bernie and Dolly were glad to keep me company. This was the agenda for the evening,just lazy,relaxing,4-legged kid bonding time.When I let my dogs outside right before bedtime,I could hear the coyotes howling,across the creek,they have been making a lot of noise tonight,I wonder if they have something going on or know something we don't?????
Looking forward to worshiping the Lord tomorrow with my church family. Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi M, So the coyotes don't bother your dogs... I've read about them killing dogs and cats before. Yuk!

IF you thought yesterday was bad in NC, just wait 'til today. We had horribly high winds and TONS of rain during the night last night. This morning it is still raining cats and dogs. Not a good day for people to go to church...

Be careful out there.